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This page has every episode we’ve ever made – numbered, and in order because we love you.

  1. How To Retire Early with Mr. Money Mustache
  2. How to Reduce Taxable Income With Advanced IRA Strategies
  3. Go Fire Yourself: How to Quit a Job Like a Professional
  4. The Yield Curve Is Inverted And It’s Okay
  5. Socially Responsible Investing: Invest In The World You Want to Live In
  6. Investing In Agriculture With Harvest Returns
  7. Rewired Not Retired – How to Engineer The Life You Love
  8. Diversifying Your Retirement With Alternative Assets
  9. Learn How to Start a Blog That Earns over $400k a year
  10. The Smart Way to Buy Property
  11. The Three P’s of Success
  12. Should I Pay off My Mortgage Early (Simple Strategies for You This Year)?
  13. How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky
  14. Zero to Fire Using Airbnb
  15. You Can’t Time The Market – But Can You?
  16. How to Become a Profitable Person
  17. All Things Gold
  18. How Wills and Trusts Work, and Where to Start
  19. Investing In The Age Of Anxiety
  20. Money Advice We Would Give Our Younger Selves
  21. The Golden Butterfly vs the All Weather Portfolio: An In-Depth Guide
  22. Case Study: Andrews 3 Rental Properties 2.5 Years Later
  23. Ten Year Plan For A Remarkable Life With Matthew Kent
  24. Recession Fire Drill: $250 Trillion World Debt Edition
  25. Be Like Benjamin Franklin
  26. The Truth About The FIRE Movement
  27. Money Personalities: What is Your Money Modus Operandi?
  28. The Science of Buying Happiness
  29. 5 Simple Rules That Will Help You Make Better Financial Decisions
  30. How To Handle Your Student Loans Like A Pro
  31. What Is Tracking Your Net Worth, Worth?
  32. What The F**k Are Stock Buybacks (And What Do They Mean For You)?
  33. The Easiest Way to Practice Travel Hacking with Credit Cards
  34. How to Start Investing When You Have Little Money
  35. How The Current Economy is Affecting Your Wallet
  36. How The Hell Does Someone Save Up For a House?
  37. The Biggest Financial Mistakes People Make and How to Fix Them
  38. What is an IPO? How They Work and Should You Invest In One
  39. Bounce Back From a Market Correction With an Opportunity Fund
  40. Do Things That Scale: Starting a Business That Will Take Off
  41. How To Stop Spending Money and Save Money With The Refrigerator Method
  42. What the F**k Are Annuities?
  43. What to do After a Job Loss To Can Get back On Your Feet
  44. How to Become Great at Anything: The Truth Behind The 10,000-Hour Rule
  45. How to Buy a House With No Money: Avoid Paying 20% Down and Do This
  46. 28 Tax Deductions You Didn’t Know You Could Write Off
  47. The Scariest 1%: The Impact of Fees in the Long Term
  48. 12 Real Differences Between a Rich Mindset vs. a Poor Mindset
  49. Money Making Ideas: 21 Smart Ways to Increase Your Income
  50. Knowledge is Power: Why Knowledge Is More Valuable Than Money
  51. LLC vs S Corp: The Amazing Tax Benefits Of Having a Business
  52. How The National Debt Actually Works
  53. Universal Basic Income: Is It Just Another Handout? [UPDATED]
  54. Protecting Yourself From Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft
  55. Cheap Meals: Good Food On A Tight Budget
  56. Understanding Economic Bubbles
  57. How To Retire: What To Do With Your Time And Money
  58. The BRRR Strategy: How Cash Out Deals Work
  59. The Newbie’s Guide To Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Market
  60. Average Net Worth By Age: How Do You Stack Up?
  61. Lessons Learned Investing in Rental Properties
  62. Retire Happy – Optimize Your 401K Account With Blooom
  63. The Debt Free, One Year College Alternative At MissionU
  64. Invest or Pay Off Debt? That is the Question.
  65. 10 Real Estate Investor Commandments
  66. Key Factors to Finding the Perfect Rental Property Neighborhood
  67. Ready to Learn How To Start Investing? We Think so.
  68. Understanding Rental Property Depreciation and Taxes
  69. Choosing The Best Rental Property Management Company
  70. Warren Buffett Quotes: 37 Lessons from the Oracle of Omaha
  71. It’s Time For Some Financial Adulting
  72. 10 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money Right Now This Year
  73. Wealthsimple Review – A Chat with CEO Michael Katchen
  74. How to Write a One-Page Business Plan: 6 Simple Steps for Success
  75. Lifestyle Business vs. Growth-Minded Business
  76. How to Land a Job With Mark Fiebert
  77. 5 Questions: Debt Month
  78. The Cost of Money – Why You Should Refinance Your Debt
  79. How to Pay off Debt Right Now Even If You’re a Lazy Person
  80. What Is Credit and Why It’s Essential to Your Financial Health [UPDATED]
  81. Budgeting Systems: Design One That Sticks to Your Lifestyle This Year
  82. Buy Low, Sell High: How to Make Money With Retail Arbitrage on Amazon and Ebay
  83. What You Should Do If You Need Money Right Now
  84. Budget Categories: Setting Them Up Without Losing Your Sanity
  85. Personal Capital Review: Is It Mission Control for Your Finances?
  86. Buying Rental Property: Reduce Risk and Follow This Advice [UPDATED]
  87. Owning Rental Property: Avoid Costly Mistakes by Following this Strategy
  88. The 401K Loan: What You Need to Know about Using One This Year
  89. Roofstock Review: Invest In Turnkey Single-Family Rental Properties
  90. Cash On Cash Return: Determine If Your Rental Property Is a Good Investment
  91. What To Consider Before Moving To A New City
  92. Financial Goals: The BEST Way to Create and Prioritize Yours This Year
  93. 10 Years of Small Business Tips
  94. Dear Happiness: Let’s Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  95. Selling Wholesale On Amazon With Edward Lichstein
  96. Fundrise Review: Diversify with Online Real Estate Investing
  97. Using Tax-Loss Harvesting to Improve Your Returns
  98. Small Business Taxes: How They Work and What You’ll Pay This Year
  99. How To Quit Your Job And Actually Start A Business
  100. Wealthfront Review – Meet Your Financial CoPilot
  101. How to Actually Save Thousands on Your Mortgage
  102. How To Buy A Business: Your Complete Checklist
  103. Econ 101: Inflation and the Economy
  104. How To Negotiate With Skill, Not Force
  105. Inside Memphis Invest- Real Estate Investments Without The Mess
  106. How to Become a Freelance Writer and Quit Your Full-Time Job
  107. Roll Overs, Horse Races and Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy’s
  108. Getting Schooled On Bonds
  109. Burnt Out: What To Do When You’ve Had Enough
  110. The Anatomy of a Well Balanced Investment Portfolio
  111. 529 College Savings Plans: What You Need to Know
  112. The Hidden Costs of Buying a House
  113. The 7 Debtly Sins
  114. Google Finance: An Epic Tool for Making Awesome Investments This Year
  115. How To Use a Credit Card Like A Responsible Adult
  116. Take Control Of Your Job Hunt: Here’s How To Find A Job You Love
  117. Digit Makes Paying Yourself First Easy And Automated
  118. REIT Investing: An Exceptional Passive Income Stream?
  119. The Road to a Simple Life: Minimalist Living Without Going Overboard
  120. How to Calculate Opportunity Cost With Every Choice You Make
  121. PolicyGenius Review And A Chat With Their CEO
  122. Surviving a Bear Attack: What to Do During a Bear Market
  123. The 8 Best Vanguard Funds Worth Buying This Year
  124. First Things First: How to Prioritize Your Financial Plan
  125. Hourly vs Salary: Advantages, Disadvantages and Opportunities
  126. Betterment vs Wealthfront vs Acorns: Which Robo-Advisor Wins This Year?
  127. How to Negotiate Anything with Daniel Green
  128. Total Money Makeover: Laying The Groundwork For A Healthy Financial Lifestyle
  129. Acorns Review: Squirrel Away Your Spare Change and Start Investing
  130. YNAB Review and Chat with Founder Jesse Mecham
  131. Andrew’s Lending Club Strategy
  132. Market Timing: Is It an Advantageous Investing Strategy?
  133. Economics 101: What is Sunk Cost
  134. Inside Betterment with Jon Stein
  135. Credit Union vs. Bank: Which One is Better For Your Money
  136. What are Dividends and Should You Become a Dividend Aristocrat
  137. A Good Credit Score Saves You Money and Here’s How [UPDATED]
  138. How To Spend Less Money: Become A Shopping Sniper
  139. What the Ideal Fiscally Responsible Person Looks Like
  140. Breaking Down the Dave Ramsey Investing Strategy
  141. Why Vanguard Funds Are First-Rate Amongst Investors
  142. Budget Meals: What To Eat When You’re Strapped For Cash
  143. Dollar Cost Averaging: Put Your Money on Autopilot
  144. Snowballing vs. Stacking: Which Should You Use to Get Out of Debt
  145. Inflation vs Deflation and Why It Matters
  146. Controlling Spending for the Out of Control Person
  147. Just the Tips: How Much to Tip Everyone From Pizza Delivery to Movers
  148. Blooom Review: Get Help With 401(k) Management
  149. Money is a Big Stressor in a Relationship But it Doesn’t Have To Be.
  150. Cool Jobs: 12 Outstanding Examples and How to Find Yours This Year
  151. How to Research Stocks with Patrick Kenneally
  152. The Importance of Having an Emergency Fund
  153. This Financial Life With Matt’s Brother
  154. How to Ask For a Raise Like a Boss and Get Paid What You Deserve
  155. Mother’s Day Money Special
  156. What to Do with Your Tax Refund: 10 Smart Ways to Spend It
  157. What You Need To Do Now To Achieve Early Retirement
  158. The Wisdom and Pitfalls of Zero APR Credit Cards
  159. Money Can’t Buy Happiness But It Can Buy Financial Freedom
  160. How Stocks, Bonds, and Funds Work: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  161. Investing for Beginners 101: What Is Investing and Why It Matters?
  162. How To Choose a Credit Card That Works For You
  163. How To Invest In Bitcoin
  164. Getting Out of the Red: How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast
  165. Want to Know How to Become Rich? Here Are 21 Interesting Habits of Rich People
  166. How Exactly Does Peer to Peer Lending Work?
  167. The 4% Rule: Is It the Superior Retirement Planning Strategy?
  168. Not Sure How to Buy Stocks? Our Beginners Guide to Getting Invested
  169. Making a Purchase: Justify Your Big-Ticket Items with This Strategy
  170. Bank Fees: How to Avoid Being Nickel and Dimed Right Now
  171. A Beginners Guide to Simple Investing
  172. The Importance of Creating a Budget
  173. Rent vs Buy? Figure Out What Option is Best for You
  174. Credit vs. Debit vs. Cash: The Ultimate Showdown
  175. Save That Money: How to Save Money Fast and Automate It
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