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We're on a Mission.

The mission of Listen Money Matters is to provide an honest and trustworthy education on personal finance.

A large portion of our audience are do-it-yourselfers who are curious to learn about new products and better ways to manage their money.

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Over 1000 positive iTunes reviews and counting!

Our fans are highly engaged and email us frequently with questions, ideas and kind words of support. They are tech savvy and hungry for effective tools to manage their money.

Over 65% of our fans are between 18-35 years old and 62% of them make $50,000 a year or more.

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Over 300k Listens a Month.

With new episodes released every Monday, Listen Money Matters has become one of the fastest growing financial podcasts in iTunes.

We're a constant fixture in the top 10 of Investing in iTunes and Stitcher.

In addition to the podcast we have a large social following and email list.

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What our fans have to say.

J. David Stein iTunes Review

Most Entertaining Finance Talk Imaginable   

by Drew Kesterson from United States

If the Man Show discussed Personal Finance and other worthwhile topics in life, you'd have Listen, Money Matters. Andrew and Thomas are well versed in Personal Finance, but don't bore you with it.

As a 30 year old male, this show would be like talking to my friends openly about personal finance, if personal finance wasn't such a taboo subject among my friends. I started with Dave Ramsey 8 years ago, and I've evolved into listening to Listen, Money Matters.

J. David Stein iTunes Review

Seeking The Best Personal Finance Podcast? Start Here!   

by Tim Arthur from United States

Andrew and Thomas have put together, in my opinion, the best personal finance podcast for those seeking a practical, well-rounded approach to all financial aspects of their life. Episodes focus on a wide gamut of financial topics from travel hacking to save on your travel costs to how to save money on your grocery bill. Competitors haven’t ventured into the wide array of topics these guys have. If I had to summarize, I’d compare their podcast to LifeHacker for your personal finance needs. I appreciate the honesty these guys have brought to the table. For instance, I thought the Father’s Day episode in which Andrew and Matt interviewed their fathers about their financial lives was absolutely brilliant.

J. David Stein iTunes Review

Down-to-earth & entertaining personal finance talk   

by JD Stein from United States

Andrew and Thomas host these useful and entertaining personal finance discussions that cover the various challenges and opportunities most investors face. I appreciate their candor and their willingness to help us learn from mistakes they have made.

J. David Stein iTunes Review

Money Wisdom from the Wise Guys   

by Casey Walters from United States

Like so many of the great financial podcasts, these guys are great to listen to and bring in relatable financial knowledge. These guys seem to be far more open and approachable than my closest friends and even my family members when it comes to money...and I think that's the point.

Lastly, I think the best part of the show, is that there are simply no excuses for inaction, no blaming others, no complaining about the economy. These guys just start with the notion, "We're admitting that we're our own problems, so let's figure out how to turn this debt ridden mush into gold plated muscle. And finally, be sure to reach out to these guys because they do enjoy ongoing engagement with their listeners.

J. David Stein iTunes Review

You've tried the rest now try the best   

by VitoLibido from United States

This is really more of a university than just a podcast. Each podcast is really a class on finance. This podcast is for complete clueless idiots and its also for experts. The BEST PART is you actually get valuable and tangible advice and tools and websites and an actual blueprint and questions answered.

J. David Stein iTunes Review

Take your Vitamins!   

by Andrew Hodgkins from United States

I listen to this show for a daily does of money information and discussion. It keeps me engaged with my money and focused on my money goals while enriching my personal financial knowledge. It’s like a multi-vitamin that strengthens and maintains your money-muscles. Like your mom always says, take your vitamins! Money matters, listen to these guys!

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