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Just the Tips: How Much to Tip Everyone From Pizza Delivery to Movers

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Tipping.  Who, when, how much and how do you calculate it? Today we help you make sure your wait staff is not spitting on your food and your stripper will give you her number.

Sit down restaurants with table service are a given and 20% has become the norm.  You can reduce it for crap service but unless something really egregious has happened, leaving no tip is not cool. It’s not just the server who depends on that money but runners and bussers too who work for sweatshop wages.

And before deciding to leave a smaller tip, find out who is to blame for your complaint.  Was the dinner cold?  That’s  the server’s fault.  They are your advocate in the kitchen and cold food is something they should make sure is not happening.  If the meal tastes bad, that’s not the server’s fault and you shouldn’t take it out on them.

I always tip 20% because I don't feel like doing math.

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How about fast food places with a tip jar?  This subject made Matt apoplectic.  He doesn’t even leave the coins.  Fair enough, if you walk into Starbucks and order a black coffee, what has the person really done to merit a tip?  This one doesn’t really have a right or wrong answer and is more of a judgment call.

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Hairdresser?  Of course you fool!  They have a sharp, pointy implement millimeters from your jugular vein.  They could kill you if you piss them off!  Worse, they could make sure you have ugly looking hair for the next couple of months.  Twenty percent!

Cab driver?  What century are you living in?  Are you taking Hansom Cabs?  Use Uber and avoid the tip dilemma entirely.  You can order a car from your phone and get a countdown for arrival time.  No standing in the street hopping up and down and waving your arms like a lunatic either.  And it’s cheaper in NYC to take Uber than a yellow cab.

Tipping for deliveries?  For food and Fresh Direct, a few singles.  For Seamless deliveries, the same, a few bucks but you do it when you order on your credit card so no awkward exchange at the door.

How do you calculate?  This one easy trick will change your life!  Assuming you are tipping 20%, 10+10=20.  Just move the decimal and double.  If the bill is $133.33, that’s 13.33 and 13×2 =26. Boom, $26 is the tip.

Is there anyone in day to day life we missed?  Let us know in the comments.

Show Notes

Ommegang Hennepin: A hoppy, crisp golden ale.

Uber:  A car service on your phone.

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