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Latest Episodes

Get Focused – Do More of What Matters

We all battle distraction and it can overwhelm us sometimes but there are plenty of ways to get focused.

Five Questions July
Five Questions – Lending Club, Green Mutual Funds and Having Fun

The guys tackle five great listener questions on Lending Club, green mutual funds and having fun.

preparing financially for parenthood
Preparing Financially For Parenthood

Today the guys talk to Kim Palmer, mother of two and author of Smart Mom, Rich Mom about how to build wealth while raising a family and preparing financially for parenthood.

Habits for Independence
Habits For Independence

With the right mindset and building habits for independence, financial freedom can be reached.

10 lessons 100 episodes
10 Lessons in 100 Episodes

We have officially reached 100 episodes! Thomas and Andrew have learned so much from each other and the awesome guests we’ve had on the show.

Manage Your Family Like a Business

Growing your wealth is not just about keeping up with your budget and investing some money in the stock market. To achieve financial independence you […]

sell wholesale on amazon
Selling Wholesale On Amazon With Edward Lichstein

Ever wonder how to people make money selling wholesale on Amazon? Andrew trawled Quora and found someone to teach us how to do it.

Fundrise Review: Diversify with Online Real Estate using eREITs
Fundrise Review: Diversify with Online Real Estate Investing

Did you know that investors with 20% allocated to real estate out perform those who only invest in stocks and bonds? Diversify without the dramatics.

emotion investing
Take The Emotion Out Of Buying Stocks

Emotions have no place in investing. You rely on cold, hard data to make investing decisions. Today we’ll talk about ways to take the emotion out of buying stocks.

Five Questions: Profit Sharing, Tradelines, 403B’s

The guys tackle five great listener questions today on profit sharing, tradelines and 403B’s.