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The Anatomy of a Real Estate Deal

The process of buying or selling real estate can be intimidating and overwhelming to both the first-time and experienced buyers. Today we talk to our agents, […]

Five Questions- Retirement Funds, Savings Bonds and Budgeting

The guys tackle five great listener questions today. For full answers listen to the episode below. Question One Longtime listener, quick question. I currently put […]

Developing A Business Tax Strategy With Diane Gardner

Small businesses are a big part of our country’s economic growth, so you would think the government would make starting a business as easy as possible.

Better Know A Millionaire With Matt Shoup

It’s been a while but we are back with our Better Know a Millionaire segment and today the guys talk to entrepreneur, speaker and house […]

How To Quit Your Job And Actually Start A Business

Starting your own business can be a wonderful life changing experience – that is, if it’s done right. We’ve seen many entrepreneurs who have jumped off […]

Dan Green: Life is a Negotiation

Dan Green is an expert negotiator. He joined us on an early podcast. Whether you want to land that deal or get that raise, Dan will […]

Five Questions- Down Payments, Debts and IRA’s

The guys tackle five great listener questions today. For full answers listen to the episode below. Question One Hey Guys- My fiance and I are getting […]

Wealthfront Review
Wealthfront Review – Beginners Invest Free

What features do novice and experienced investors get from Wealthfront? How does it all work? This Wealthfront review leaves no stone unturned.

Money History: Creation of Money
Money History: The Creation Of Money

Do you really know where money comes from? Today we cover the creation of money, it’s history and how it effects our economy.

How to Make Money in the Sharing Economy with Glenn Carter

If you’re looking for additional income it’s important for you to learn how to make money in the sharing economy. This is flexible earning at its finest.