financial toolbox

The Financial Toolbox

These are the tools we use to manage our money. This list is updated regularly to make sure it represents the best of the best.

We've built relationships with some of our favorite companies on this list. As a result, we've been able to support our creative habits through referrals at no cost to you. We greatly appreciate you using these links if you're going to try one of the companies below - it helps us keep the lights on.

Advanced Investing Tools


Betterment The perfect tool for a beginner or hands off style investor. Some people don't have time manage their investments. In fact, it usually doesn't make sense since 79% of all money managers don't beat the market!

Start Investing Our Review


Roofstock They bring years of experience running REITs to your rental property purchases. Every property has a tenant, is certified and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. They also screen and negotiate with property managers so you get a high-quality team for a good price.

Laura and I have already purchased two rentals through them and plan to buy more.

Get Cash Flow Our Review


Blooom Blooom is a service that takes the guess work out of managing your 401K, 403b or TSP. They will optimize your investments automatically, reduce your fees and provide open-ended fiduciary grade advice. Want to know if you should refinance your home mortgage? Ask them.

Use this link and get a free analysis. If you become a member, your first month is free.

Save Your Retirement Our Review

Personal Capital

Personal Capital This is the for investors. They will track your investments, analyze your investments and suggest ways to improve things like your 401k allocation. I use this as a tool to monitor my diversification and risk levels. This is for more advanced investors.

Plan Your Future


Fundrise Did you know that investors with 20% allocated to real estate outperform those who only invest in stocks and bonds? Diversify without the dramatics of actual tenants with minimums starting at $1,000.

Invest In Real Estate Our Review


Vanguard Vanguard is owned by their funds so they are uniquely aligned with the interest of their investors. As a result, Vanguard funds usually have the lowest fee rate in their category. Mind you, signing up is more work and requires more decisions than Betterment.

DIY Invest Best Funds

Automate and Optimize Your Debt

LendKey Student Loan Refinancing

LendKey Student Loan Refinancing They with credit unions and community banks to get you the best rate. If your student loan interest rate is above 5% you need to try and refinance it - you'll save a ton. LendKey boasts student loan rates as low as 2.67% APR.

Best of all, LendKey will cut $200 off your balance if you use this link. We're good like that.

Get Started


Debitize With Debitize, your credit card acts like a debit card. Every day, purchases you’ve made are withdrawn from your checking account and set aside to pay off your credit card bill. It also keeps your balance low boosting your credit score.

Automate Rewards Our Review

Lending Club - Refinance

Lending Club - Refinance The banks had a monopoly on personal loans until Lending Club came along. Now you can get a loan sourced from normal people.

Reduce the cost of your debt and refinance. Lending Club has competitive rates and borrower benefits.

Ditch the Bank

Create Your Business


Fizzle Building a business? You need to start here. Get educated on business in an ultra-high quality setting that's damn cheap. Oh, and you'll also get to meet a ton of awesome entrepreneurs who actually want to help.

Listen Money Matters only started to take off as a result of my time in Fizzle and I'm sure both Thomas and Matt would say the same.

Create Awesome Corbett Barr

Bluehost Website Hosting

Bluehost Website Hosting The cheapest hosting that you'll find with an unparalleled level of customer support. If you're looking to start an online business, this is the first thing you need. Remember, a business doesn't become profitable by spending all it's money.

Build a Website


FreshBooks We use FreshBooks to track our business income and expenses for tax purposes and invoice for things like podcast ads.

If it wasn't for the time it saves us, we'd have to hire someone to manage our business paperwork. It syncs with your bank account like Mint so it's easy and highly automated.

Get Paid


LegalZoom Incorporate your family and create your personal LLC. Use it to save on taxes and grow your income. Unsure what to do and nervous you're going to mess it up? Don't let it prevent you from building something, let these guys take care of it.

Build a Business

best books on money

Budget Like a Pro


Mint A really great free budgeting tool. I use it and if you're just starting out, I think you should too. If budgeting scares you, just follow our step by step budgeting guide - Mastering Mint.

Automate How to Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You Need a Budget (YNAB) The budgeting tool for the person that budgeting doesn't work for. YNAB has a unique approach towards budgeting that's based on forming positive habits. If you don't live in the US, this tool is for you as it supports multiple currencies.

Budget Different Our Review

Cards and Accounts That Excite Us


mySmartCash The infamous card without fees - I found it. ATM and Foreign Transaction fees getting you down? Fidelity refunds all of them. They even care about their customers.

ATM Smarter

Amazon Mastercard

Amazon Mastercard Since I buy everything from my toilet paper to my gifts with them it only makes sense for me to amass their credit card rewards points. The points convert directly to dollars you can take off a future item you want to buy.

Get Rewarded

Traveling the Right Way


Zipcar Instead of having your car slowly lose value and pay for annoying things like gas, just get a car for cheap when you need it. It would probably be better than the one you would own anyways (i.e.: BMWs). Use this link and get $25 free in driving credit.

Drive Cheap


Hipmunk There are few things more frustrating in life than buying airplane tickets. Hipmunk cuts through the bullshit. With Hipmunk it's super easy to find the cheapest flight for your schedule in less than 15 minutes.

Fly Cheaper

Groupon Getaways

Groupon Getaways I got a trip to Australia from here in 2012 and a 10-day trip with airfare, hotels and activities cost the same per person as it would have if I just bought round trip airfare alone.

Get Deals


Viator Whether you’re on vacation or at home, you can use Viator to find out awesome stuff that’s going on near you for crazy discounted prices. I use the site religiously when I’m on vacation and as a result I’ve found some pretty badass places.

Have Fun

We Like to Eat the Good Stuff

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Get chef inspired meals delivered to your door without worrying about what ingredients you need or where to find them. Each dinner also comes with full color instructions so you can cook it like a boss. Save $25 on your first offer by using the coupon code FRESH25.

Easy Meals

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct Not only do I demand fancy food but I don't want to have to go to a damn super market and lug all that stuff home. I buy what I want, I don't get upsold to and I save time. Best idea ever.

Be Lazy

Badass Productivity Tools


Evernote We talk about evernote all-the-time. 90% of our Business is organized in Evernote. I even use it heavily for my day job. Digitizing documents? It's the way to go.

Get Organized


Dropbox Cloud storage to share files between your computers, your family and your friends. Never forget a file on another computer or lose it to a disaster again. Dropbox is my mobile office.

Be Everywhere


Trello It's impossible to keep everything in your head and we also don't think it's worth trying. Everything we want to do we write down and for the business we track everything in Trello. Works extremely well for our small team.

Plan Better