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My Road to Minimalism with Tammy Strobel

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Tammy Strobel is an author, teacher, and photographer.  She joins us to discuss her recent book on minimalism and sustainable living.

Tammy and her husband were living the typical middle class life in 2003. They started talking about downsizing everything from their home to their debt.  Seven years later they moved into a 128 foot square tiny house on wheels.

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Tammy didn’t have an “aha moment” and decide to change her life.  It was a series of events.  She was unhappy working in the investing field, she had a long commute, she never had any money despite being a dual income family.

The two of them sat down and discussed what was important, how they wanted to spend their time and with whom.  Their first step was clever.  The cleared out their second bedroom and pretended they didn’t have it.  It proved they could make do in a smaller space without fully committing.

They continued to move into smaller places and eventually went car-less and commuted everywhere by bike.  Over the seven years the couple gave away probably 90% of their belongings a little at a time.

You can bike anywhere with appropriate gear.

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Tammy started her blog in 2007 while working full time and doing some free lance work.  In 2010 with the student loan debt paid off, Tammy took the leap and began writing full time.  She also teaches photography and writing.

Leading a minimalist life doesn’t have to happen in one leap.  You can take small steps as Tammy and Logan did until you get to a place that is comfortable for you.

Show Notes

War Horse Royal Kilt Inspector:  A dark hued ale

Rowdy Kittens: Go small, think big, and be happy.

You Can Buy Happiness and It’s Cheap:  Tammy’s book on sustainable living.

My Morning View:  Tammy’s book on gratitude, grief and coffee.

The 100 Thing Challenge:  Living with only 100 things.

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