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Are you guilty of one of the seven debtly sins?  Find out how sinful you are and prepare to repent your sins in the church of Listen, Money Matters.

There are seven deadly sins if you subscribe to ancient fairy tales.  You can commit those sins in the realm of personal finance too. Come forward and be bathed in the blood of personal finance, all you sinners out there.

Let’s start with lust, possibly the most fun of the sins!  Lust is when you long for something to perhaps an unnatural degree.  A new car when you have a perfectly good one.

I’ll disagree with Thomas on high thread count sheets.  They are totally worth it and there is no going back.  Buy those.

Gluttony is over-consumption to the point of waste. Wasting food is probably the best example.  If you plan your meals, you’ll waste less.  Don’t buy a bag of carrots, roast two and let the rest rot.  Learn what else you can do to use the other carrots.

I need award-winning croutons. Two bags.

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Greed is wanting more, more more.  You have ten million and you want eleven. If you have enough and your pursuit of more harms others, that’s greed.  Also, you’re a dick.

Sloth is being lazy.  It’s easy to get lazy with finances and also easy for that to allow things to get away from you.  If you build your systems, so many of your finances can be automated, allowing for a little sloth.

Wrath can mean making snap decisions in terms of personal finance.  When we’re angry, we don’t always make the best choices.

Envy can make you buy a flat screen because your friend has one.  Keeping up with the Joneses is a big problem for some people. You don’t know how deep in hock someone might be for all the accouterments of their flashy lifestyle.

Pride can make you think you’re a special snowflake who deserves only the best.  But a Honda Civic gets you from Point A to Point B just as well as a BMW.

So which are you, a personal fiance saint or sinner?

Show Notes

Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk:  A dark, creamy, milk stout.

Buffalo Sweat Sweat Oatmeal Stout:  A sweet, smooth stout.

Mint:  The easy way to track spending.

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