Extreme Productivity Tips with Mike Vardy from Productivityist

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Wish you could get more done in your day?  Mike Vardy from Productivityist joins us to share tips on how to optimize your time and get shit done.

We all have the same twenty four hours in a day but some of us are better are maximizing those hours to get more done.  How do you go from being a master procrastinator to a productivityist?

Stop checking your e-mail first thing!  It’s our natural inclination but those e-mails are telling you what others need you to do rather than what you know you need to get done.  You can’t not check it at all, but get done what you know you need to go before diving in. Or at least sort by sender.  Then you’ll get the messages from your boss before the ones from your colleagues asking where you want to order from on Seamless.

Try the two minute rule for e-mails and tasks.  If you can do it in two minutes or less, just do it and get it out of the way.

Make sure you have the right tools but not too many tools.  The tool doesn’t make you more productive, it’s the approach that makes you more productive.

Make sure your work space is conducive to productivity.  Don’t have too many distractions around you.  Don’t have lots of clutter everywhere, it drains your energy.  Your work space should encourage work. Sound is important too.  White noise can help block out the cacophony around you.  Rainy Mood is awesome for that.

Surrounded by annoying co-workers who want to tell you the latest crap pansted antics of their demon spawn?  Wear head phones, big ones.  Write Bose on them with a marker if you can’t afford the real thing.  It’s like a do not disturb sign for your head.

Come on, get of Reddit, ignore the e-mails for a few hours and get your stuff done!

Show Notes


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