Andrew Fiebert

Chief Nerd

Since I started earning at my first job post-college I became fascinated with getting the most out of the money I earned. I was working at an Investment Bank as a Data Engineer so nerding out over money and data came with the territory.

I quickly realized that there were not many good places to learn about personal finance and I was often on my own to learn what was needed. That coupled with being stuck living with my parents in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy compelled me to start Listen Money Matters.

I love talking about money so the ah-ha moment really came when my wife Laura suggested I should start a podcast.

The only thing I like more than talking about money is helping people get their financial situation straight. My favorite part about LMM is the opportunities I get to talk with everyone in the Community and help them out where possible.

Want to pick my brain or shoot the shit? Just email me.
investing for dummies
Investing For Dummies: The No Effort Investment Strategy

You have savings but no time to put it to work. I understand. That’s why you need a no effort investment strategy. Set it and forget it with no worries.

betterment review
Betterment Review aka An Epic Betterment Experiment

Unsure how to get started investing or where Betterment fits in? This Betterment review includes all of that, a chat with their CEO and the kitchen sink.

financial grit
The Importance Of Financial Grit

Do you have true grit when it comes to your finances? Unless you have a trust fund waiting for you, you’ll need grit to get through when times get tough.

Automate Debt Payments
Pay Off Debt With Automation

I’ve been an ultra-conscious debt avoiding maniac but it seems after 14 years of focus, all I had to do was take my eye off the ball once.

investment strategy
A Beginners Investment Strategy- The Ultimate Blueprint

So, you’ve got your debt under control and you want to know what’s next? That’s great because investing is where real wealth is built.

Managing Money After Marriage
How Managing Money Changes When You’re Married

It’s one thing to manage your money, it’s a different story when there’s another person involved. This is everything I’ve learned.

investment types
Investment Types: An Illustrated Guide

The only thing more important than investing is understanding what you invest in. With a solid understanding of investment types, it won’t be a gamble.

3 Reasons Why You Suck with Money

There are 3 common themes when people suck with money. We cover all 3 and give actionable solutions so you can fix your problems.

investing lessons
5 Lessons Learned from 10 Years Investing

I’ve made a lot of money in the stock market and I attribute it to two things: willingness to take risks and the ability to hunt for great deals.

lending club review
Lending Club Review: An Investors Secret Weapon

I made over 18% returns doing what banks have done for ages – lending people money, a strategy few experts talk about.

The Gradual Move from Fear to Greed and How to Protect Yourself

Be fearful when others are greedy. The market may correct itself soon, don’t get caught with your pants down.

cant buy Patience
You Can’t Buy Patience

Do you want to buy a solution to your money problems? Can you flawlessly execute a desk flip? If so, you may suffer from chronic No Patience Syndrome.

Materialism is Killing You

Buying things does not make you happier, so what do you continue to buy things and drown yourself in debt? Andrew attempts to answer this very question.

Be Lazy With Amazon
How to Be Lazy and Save Money With Amazon

You can always earn more money and improve the way you save. As a result, your potential for wealth is infinite. Unfortunately, your time is not infinite.

Payday Loans
What’s the Deal with Payday Loans?

If you’re looking for a shortcut to wealth, stop looking because there is no such thing. Certainly not via a payday loan.

financial independence - 6 steps
6 Steps Towards Financial Independence

For many, financial independence simply means being able to do whatever you want in life without having to worry about money. It won’t happen on […]

instavest review saleem khatri
Instavest Review: Replicating the World’s Best Investments with CEO Saleem Khatri

Today we’re joined by Saleem Khatri, CEO of Instavest. A new platform to let others know why you invest so they can get in on the action too.

You’re a Failure and It’s a Good Thing

Yes, you’re a failure, get over it. The good news is failure is the key to success so instead of beating yourself up over it why don’t you go and celebrate?

Hack Money The British Way
Hacking Money the British Way With an ISA

The British have one of the best financial tools at their disposal, the ISA. We’ll go over when it makes sense to have one and how it could win you money.

Debt Relief for Dummies

Your debt is an emergency and it should be treated that way, you need a debt reduction plan to regain control. Come find debt relief and take back your life.

Inbox Zero Tools
Inbox Zero Will Save Your Life

Inbox Zero follows the GTD philosophy as a great way to keep your inbox clean and under control. We discuss what it is and killer tools used to achieve it.

Automate Your Finances
4 Ways to Automate Your Finances

Managing money can be time consuming and boring. Don’t want to do it anymore? Automate your finances so you can spend more time doing things that matter!

becoming wealthy
Becoming Wealthy is a Choice

Very few people wake up one day and just become wealthy. Being wealthy is a choice that you make and a way that you live your life. Work less, live more!

Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? Here Are Some Solutions.

You’re in trouble and you can’t pay your mortgage, you need solutions. Read more for detailed strategies you can follow to fix your debt and keep your home.

money saving tips
Creative Money Saving Tips

For most of us, learning how to save money isn’t easy. Your friends want to go out to dinner and have expensive drinks, you want […]

Getting a Mortgage is a Terrific Idea

There has never been a better time for you to buy a home. Getting a mortgage may be the best money decision you’ve ever make!

Negotiation Strategies: A Lost Art

The goal of negotiating is to take control of opportunities and tip them in your favor.

Plug Your Spending Leaks

You waste money, yes I said it! Instead of wasting your money, come learn how to find and plug your spending leaks. Money is a terrible thing to waste!

Get Organized Already

Finding success is not difficult and is absolutely within your reach. You just need to get organized already and break big goals into small manageable tasks

How I Save a Ton on Travel Expenses

Why should you overpay for your vacation? I save a ton on travel and there is no reason you can’t too. It’s easy and the tools are free, come learn more!

best way to invest money
Best Way To Invest Your Money like an Expert Without Being One

Originally, to invest like an expert you needed advanced training and a ton of time. Now you just need to know the right tools and have 25 minutes to spare.

Setting Goals for Big Purchases

You want something, no, you NEED it! Well, the right way isn’t to dip into your emergency savings. Time to go over setting goals for big purchases.

Destroy 401k Fees – Use a 401k Fee Analyzer

If you’re not careful you can lose more than 25% of your 401k to fees. Destroy 401k fees quickly with little effort and retire a lot richer (and sooner).

How to Budget Money for Dummies: The Complete Guide

Stop stressing over money. Just automate your finances so the computer can worry about the details, not you. In Budgeting for Dummies we show you how.

Easy Ways To Save Money Eating Out

Here are a few tricks to help you save when you eat out so you can go out more often and feel less guilty. You could save up to 60% before you arrive!

Don’t be Cheap, be Smart. Budget!

You want to save money but you’re wasting it on things you don’t even realize like paying full price when you don’t have to. Create a smart budget!

Should I Overpay My Mortgage?

I’m on the final steps to close my Condo and I’ve been asking myself, “should I overpay my Mortgage?” Even though rates are low, I don’t think it’s worth it

Money Matters so Pay Attention!

You don’t need to be a math genius to handle your money matters and build wealth. It takes a bit of common sense, the will to learn and self control.