Andrew Fiebert ~ Chief Nerd

Since I started earning at my first job post-college I became fascinated with getting the most out of the money I earned. I was working at an Investment Bank as a Data Engineer so nerding out over money and data came with the territory.

I quickly realized that there were not many good places to learn about personal finance and I was often on my own to learn what was needed. That coupled with being stuck living with my parents in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy compelled me to start Listen Money Matters.

I love talking about money so the ah-ha moment really came when my wife Laura suggested I should start a podcast.

The only thing I like more than talking about money is helping people get their financial situation straight. My favorite part about LMM is the opportunities I get to talk with everyone in the Community and help them out where possible.

Want to pick my brain or shoot the shit? Just email me.
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