Start Your Own Business

Starting a business is simple and the most effective wealth building strategy we know. With a business, you’ll diversify your income, reduce your personal expenses, and pay less in taxes.

You can certainly build wealth with a day job, that only requires tying your hours to your income. Real wealth is built while you’re sleeping.

Start Your Own Business

What You Will Learn

  • How to build a business
  • Types of businesses you can start
  • How and when to quit your full-time job
  • Putting a business plan in place
  • The importance of doing things that scale
  • 10 years of small business tips

Your Money Mixtape

There is a big misconception that you need to “wait for the right idea” before you start. You have a bunch of ideas but you don’t have the one yet. Who starts a business without a killer idea anyway? Wealthy people do, that’s who.

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