Better Know a Millionaire with Laurie Itkin
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Learn lessons from millionaire Laurie Itkin in our “Better Know a Millionaire” show. Laurie explains how she became a millionaire before the age of 40.

This is the first episode of our ongoing series, “Better Know a Millionaire.” (Obviously a total ripoff of Colbert’s Better Know a District…or homage — that’s better).

About Laurie Itkin

She is the founder of — A site devoted to teaching women and couples how to control their finances, overcome fear of investing and grow their money.

Laurie is the author of “Every Woman Should Know Her Options,” a book on investing that details how she built a million dollar stock portfolio before the age of 40.

At 16 Laurie inherited $1600 from her grandmother. Instead of blowing the money on teenage things, she bought 40 shares of Starbucks.

Laurie is a regular contributor to and Laurie graduated from The Wharton School Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Laurie currently works as a personal finance advisor and resides in Southern California.

Show Notes

Omission Pale Ale Gluten Free Beer by Widmer Brothers: Andrew claims that it was pretty good, so I’ll take him at his word.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat Herbal Tea: Wow! That’s a mouthful, but it’s the tea I started drinking when I feel a sore throat developing. Really tastes good without sugar, which is great.

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