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Money For The Love of Freedom

We discuss why you should stop thinking about money in terms of being rich and instead think about ways it can grant you freedom.  USA USA!

Money isn’t about being rich.  Money is about choice and the freedom that goes along with being able to make decisions when money is not the only deciding factor.

Have you ever had a job you hated so much that you were afraid to go to sleep at night because you know the next morning is coming fast and you’ll have to face it again?  Or maybe you don’t hate your job but money is so tight that you have to go in no matter how sick you might be.  Not everyone gets sick pay.

Those feelings are the opposite of freedom.  Having enough money doesn’t mean you throw it around like you’re big ballin.  It means you could do that if you wanted to.  But it’s a funny thing.  When you have the freedom money buys, you want to save your money because that means preserving that sweet, sweet feeling of freedom.

Debt is like driving with your foot on the brake

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There is a trade off of course.  Matt traded the status of a BMW and home ownership for freedom.  He down graded his life style in order to upgrade his life. At the end of the day the Honda Civic gets him to Whole Foods the same way the BMW did and he still has a roof over his head even if he no longer owns the roof.

Money should be thought of as a tool to help you build the life you really want, not the very foundation of your life.

Show Notes

Betterment:  Start investing to build the life you want.

Mint:  Take control of your money.

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