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How to Save Money in College Round Table

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Student loans are expensive but they aren’t the only thing that costs money when you go to college.  Learn how to save money while in school.

Thomas Frank of College Info Geek and Martin Boehme of Powlygot will teach us how to save money while still attending college.

Textbooks are one of the biggest rackets going.  Thomas has a flow chart on Pinterest that shows you the cheapest way to get access to the information you need without walking into the overpriced campus bookstore and being robbed blind.

Matt's money saving tip for college is to drop out.

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If you have the option and the patience to live at home while attending college that will be the cheapest option.  But part of the college experience is moving out.  Look into joining a fraternity or sorority for cheap housing. Becoming a resident adviser usually means free room and board.   Meal plans can be crazy expensive.  If you can make it on two meals a day you’ll save a ton.  If you live off campus and have a kitchen, cooking at home rather than going out is much cheaper and healthier.

A lot of college towns have great public transit and sometimes it’s free for students to use.  Getting a bike will help you get around more quickly and cheaply too.  And it’s good exercise.

When choosing a college, it’s cheaper to go in state.  But some states have reciprocity agreements.  You will pay in state tuition or a rate reduced from the regular out of state tuition fees.

Use your student discount!  If you have a college ID, a lot of businesses or places like museums offer discounts.  Student Rate is an aggregater  for businesses offering discounts.  If you’re unsure, it never hurts to ask.  You can get access to a lot of free stuff too.  You can use the fitness center and some health services are free or low cost.  Some campuses offer free tax preparation.

Graduating early is the best way to save money but it does require cutting through a lot of red tape.  Not only will you save on regular college expenses, you’ll start working and earning full time money sooner.

College is a business decision.  Don’t let parents, teachers, or advisers pressure you into a decision you don’t feel ready to make.  College isn’t going anywhere if you take a gap year to travel or work.

Show Notes

Allagash Beer:  Belgian style beers.

Jack Daniel’s Watermelon Punch: A summertime malt beverage.

Curious Traveler Shandy:  A citrus accented beer.

College Info Geek: Thomas Frank’s site devoted to getting the most from your college experience.

College Info Geek:  Don’t buy into the text book scam!

Powlygot:  Martin Boehme’s site that will teach you a new language.

Thug Notes:  Cliff Notes for thugs!

Nerd Fitness:  Thomas’s guide to eating cheap and healthy in college.

Debt Free U:  A book aimed at parents to fund college without going into debt.

College Geek Info Podcast:  Thomas interviews Matt and Andrew.

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