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Nathan Kim is a contributor to Listen Money Matters. Learning from past mistakes, he spent the next twenty years educating himself on personal finance. He's logged hundreds of hours helping people improve their financial situation. Nathan has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Certificate in Economics from Georgia Tech, where he was a member of the economics honor society Omicron Delta Epsilon.

SoFi Invest Review: Will It Empower Your New Financial Life?

SoFi Invest Review: Will It Empower Your New Financial Life?

Are you a beginner investor? Don’t know where to start? Our detailed SoFi Invest review highlights its fees, account minimums, and more. Discover how SoFi Invest makes its platform so accessible.

10 Essential Investment Rules to Adopt for Financial Happiness

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Successful investors are successful because they adhere to a set of principles. This post outlines ten essential investment strategies you need to build wealth. In short, if you’re wondering how to get rich without getting lucky, this article is for you.

Job Loss: 22 Ways to Survive Unemployment This Year (Update)

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I had been with them for fourteen years. Then one day, I was let go like it was nothing. I had a 2-year-old and a newborn at home, and I was scared. After leaving the office, I drove to a nearby park, found an empty picnic table, and sat there in stunned silence. How was I going to tell my wife? How is this job loss going to affect our family?

Stop 401k Fees from Eating Your Savings!

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401k fees can cost tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings over your lifetime. Hidden fees. Service fees. Registration fees. It doesn’t seem like much, but enough of them over time will consume your bottom line. Learn what the different fees are in your 401k and how to avoid them.

Saving for College: Which Strategy is Best for You?


Parenthood. Nothing in this world prepares you for it. You can read all the books on saving for college, check out all the blogs, and google until your fingers are numb. Today we examine your best options for saving for college.

Market Timing: Is It an Advantageous Investing Strategy?


When should you put your money into the market? When should you pull it out? Is there a best and worst time? Are you timing the market? If you are timing the market according to headlines, you’re doing it wrong.

Tax-Efficient Investing: Increase Your Portfolio’s Return Potential

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When I started investing, I thought the best way to get rich was to pick hot individual stocks and buy low and sell high as often as possible. Compounding interest and tax-efficient investing was for suckers and old ladies. There were three problems with this way of thinking.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Withdrawal Strategies for a Worry-Free Life

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Death and taxes. I thought about the most depressing way to start this article, and mentioning those two inevitabilities was it. Okay, not really, but keeping them in mind is extremely important when thinking about tax-efficient retirement withdrawal strategies (and how to make your retirement savings last).

Asset Classes: The Lifeblood of an Investment Portfolio


If your idea of a diverse portfolio is having both Apple and Microsoft, you need to better understand the concept of asset classes. Even if you own these high-performers, you’ve only invested in a single type – Mega-cap stocks. To diversify your investment portfolio, you’re either going to hire someone to do it for you or DIY. The latter approach requires an understanding of asset classes.

Extinguish Your Fear of Failure By Turning It On Its Head

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“Failure is not an option!” You hear it all the time as a movie trope or in inspirational talks. You may even say it to yourself before a big task. We all know it doesn’t mean failure isn’t a possibility. It means something is so important that failure is unthinkable. The intended effect is to build focus and determination. But it’s not a mantra for life.

Credit Karma Tax Review: An Absolutely Free TurboTax?

Credit Karma Tax Review: An Absolutely Free TurboTax?

Isn’t it annoying when you’re offered something for “free” that’s anything but? They’re either hiding the real cost or have a mountain of qualifying conditions. We dug a bit deeper in our Credit Karma Tax review to find out how free their service really is.

Making a Purchase: Justify Your Big-Ticket Items with This Strategy

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There are things we need, and there are things we want. But there’s also a whole lot in between. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that something we only want is something we need.

TaxSlayer Review: Does Its Reduced Pricing Slay the Competition?


In the world of tax software, there are many options. But with something as potentially intimidating as taxes, a lot of people just assume that pricier is better. But what if pricier is just pricier? Today we find out in our TaxSlayer review.

UGMA vs UTMA Accounts: Not Limited to Only College Savings


What if your child doesn’t go to college? You may not want to pay taxes and penalty on savings you’ll never use. A UGMA or UTMA account may be the answer.

A Coverdell Education Savings Account: Fund Yours with Tax-Free Money

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If you have kids who may go to college someday, chances are that you have at least heard of a 529 College Savings Plan. But sometimes in the same breath, you may have also heard of something called a Coverdell Education Savings Account. What’s that all about?

529 College Savings Plans: What You Need to Know

529 College Savings Plans: What You Need to Know

College costs are rising. If you have kids and want to help them pay for college, the earlier you start a 529 Savings Plan, the more it will grow.

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