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Money Security Tips You Need To Know

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Money Security Tips
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With so much of our personal fiance information floating around the internet, how can you secure your accounts? We’ll give you a few ways to stay safe.

Many of us have had some aspect of our life hacked, bank account, credit card, naked photos. You have to protect your on-line information.

Some sites are more secure than others. You are pretty safe at Betterment, maybe not so safe at your local carry out restaurant. So don’t use the same password over and over! Use a site like LastPass to manage your passwords.

Use tiered passwords, a complicated one for things like bank accounts but a simple one for your Disqus account. Two-factor authentication means you provide two forms of identification, something physical like a key fob and a security code.

Prey will use your web cam to periodically take pictures so if someone steals your device, say “cheese” mother fucker.

You don’t have to be rich to be ripped off. Hackers don’t want to steal $10,000 from one person, they want to steal $100 from 100 people.

Adding numbers and characters to your password helps but not much. Using a nonsensical  string of words is more secure and easier for the human brain to remember than a string of numbers and characters.

A user name is almost as important as a password. If you don’t have to use your e-mail address, use something harder to uncover than your own name. When answering security questions, lie or answer accurately but add a code word onto the end of your answer.

What happens when you die? Well, you see a white light…No, put a list of your passwords in a secure place like a safety deposit box and give the key to a trusted person. This could be useful not just for death but in case you are ever locked up unjustly in a South American prison. Plan ahead.

There is only so much you can do. Ever how clever we are and how sophisticated on-line security is, the hackers are more clever and more sophisticated. But you don’t have to make it easy for them.

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