Introducing The Listen Money Matters Podcast

Introducing The Listen Money Matters Podcast
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Welcome to Listen, Money Matters.  We are a personal finance podcast for people who love beer and swearing as much as they love money!

Andrew is the finance expert. He’s always been a guy predisposed to ranting about money. His parents taught him the value of a dollar as a little kid. He has managed to build up an impressive portfolio at 28 and plans to retire at 35.

On the other side of New Jersey, Matt, his co-host, is not very good with money. In fact, as he puts it, “I flat out suck with money and make things harder than they have to be.” But since early 2013, with Andrew’s help, he has managed to get his finances in order.

There is a lot of personal finance advice out there but none of it spoke to us.  It was either for old people or people who already had some financial savvy.  We wanted a show that would help everyone but would be geared toward issues facing those in their twenties and early thirties.

We plan to talk about every facet of personal finance, including getting out of debt, how to save money, and how to make more of it. We also want to talk about ways you can improve your life and make it easier.

Tools to help you automate your finances, tips to improve your productivity, great beers you should drink.  We want to take the intimidation factor out of investing.  It seems complicated and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

We also want to take away the taboos around money.  So many people feel ashamed because they think they’re alone.  Whatever money problem you are facing, there are others out there facing the same.

So welcome to the inaugural episode.  We hope you’ll enjoy what we do!

Show Notes

Mint:  The easy way to budger.

Betterment:  The smart way to invest.


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