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Change Your Mindset: What’s Possible VS. What’s Needed

Whether you believe it or not, we have all heard the age old saying money can’t buy happiness, but there certainly is a relationship between your personal finances and your happiness. Maybe it’s time to change your mindset.

People who earn a more are often happier than people who live in poverty, but it’s not just about the money itself. It is about providing insurance that you and your family can live a comfortable life no matter what life throws at you.

Many of us think we only need so much to be happy, but you have no way of knowing how much you’ll need at some point in the future.

Today the guys talk about how to change your mindset from “how much I need” to “how much is possible”. It doesn’t mean you have to constantly think about money or compromise your other values and interests, but you can simply think differently about your money. It’ll start to shift your choices.

Unless you can predict the future, you do not know what you will need or want beyond today. Building your financial resources will help you deal with life’s uncertainties. Money takes time to grow, so you need to start now.

Even if you have a job that pays well, the chances are it doesn’t pay quite enough to create financial independence. Your job is your job but building financial wealth is something else.

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2 responses to “Change Your Mindset: What’s Possible VS. What’s Needed”

  1. Andrew M says:

    The episodes just keep getting better and better. Truly a namesake episode, you can’t make money to improve your life until you really understand the purpose of money in your life and how it matters.

    I also hope other schools and organizations go off the example of the superintendent and broadcast more of these episodes to their organizations!

    • Thomas Frank says:

      Thanks dude! It’s been really interested to watch how my own perception of money has changed while hosting this podcast. When I started, I had a lot more leanings towards the Needed mindset – but talking with Andrew and all the guests has started to change that.

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