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Moving on a Budget? This is How to Save Money

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Moving is third on a list of  life stressors behind the death of a partner and divorce.  Learn how to save money during the process to help reduce the stress.

1.  Don’t pay for boxes.  There are lots of sources of free boxed, but Matt knows a tip to get extra sturdy boxes for free.  Ask at a hospital, lab, or pool store.  The reason is that all of those places are shipped chemicals so the boxes are thicker and more durable.

2.  Move less stuff.  We don’t recommend Andrew’s method of having all of your belongings swept away by a hurricane but there are ways to reduce how much you take to the new place.  We discussed several in Episode 96.  Sell some stuff to get some extra cash and that will save you money because there is less stuff to move.  Less to pack and unpack too so you can’t go wrong with this one.

3.  Screw bubble wrap.  Fun for the cat but expensive for moving and unnecessary.  Use clothes, towels, sheets, newspaper to wrap and cushion your breakables.

4.  Keep track of all your moving expenses.  Moving expenses can sometimes be deducted on your taxes.  Find out if you meet the criteria here.

5.  Pack your own stuff.  Now that you sold the stuff you don’t need, you don’t have enough to justify paying someone to pack it for you.  Order some pizzas, buy some beer and find out who your real friends are.

6.  Let the post office help you.  If you have a lot of books, the post office has special shipping rates for them that might be cheaper than moving them yourself.

7.  Use a pod.  If you don’t have a lot to move, you can use something like this.  It’s like a portable storage unit  the company drops off and picks up.

8.  Move at off times.  Move during the middle of the month, some companies have lower rates because the first and last of the month are busier for them.  Time of year can make a price different too.  Moving between October and May can be cheaper than warmer weather months.

9.  Get money for your move.  If your move is tied to your job, you may be able to get relocation expenses covered.

10.  Moving trucks.  If you are moving a long distance, make sure the company you rent the truck from allows you to drop it off at a different location from where you picked it up.  Make sure you use the smallest truck possible because larger ones are more expensive.  Booking in advance may get you a discount.

11.  Moving additional vehicles.  If you have something can be towed or hauled, check out the cheaper option.

12. Insurance.  A bit like trip insurance, do some research and decide if you can live without it.  If you’re moving across town, it’s less necessary than a cross country move.

13.  Do an inventory and figure out what moving accessories you need.  Things like dollies, ropes, blankets.  If they have to be rented, it can add up.  See what you have or can borrow to make do.

If you know someone moving soon, share this with them and maybe you can consider that your contribution and won’t have to help with the actual move!

Show Notes

Unita Brewing Sum’r Ale:  A refreshing, summer golden ale.

MSN Real Estate:  Where we found some of the tips.

About.com:  More moving tips.


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