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An Interview with Cat Alford of Budget Blonde

Updated on March 23, 2020 Updated on March 23, 2020
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Cat Alford
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  1. Show Notes

On this episode, we talk to Cat Alford of She’s a personal finance blogger, writer, and a proud mother of twins.

I met Cat when I first started Listen Money Matters and she’s been a huge help both in guiding me in the right direction with the site and being supportive of all the crazy things we try over here.

She has a very interesting story on how she transitioned from a day job job to blogging full time, life in Grenada and handling student loan debt. You won’t only find her on Budget Blonde as she somehow finds the time to also write for popular sites like the Huffington Post and Young Adult Money.

Show Notes

Budget Blonde – Cat’s awesome and very personal blog about being frugal, doing things DIY style and being smart with money.  It’s a great read! Be warned though, she’s not blonde anymore ;)

FinCon – Financial bloggers conference. We’ll be there and so will Cat! Send us an email if you want to hang out!

Million Mile Secrets – One of the bigger credit card churn websites that Cat mentioned in the interview.

Smarty Pig – Where Cat stores her savings. She says it’s an interesting take on a high yield savings account.

Ally Bank – Where Matt stores his savings.

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