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Sharing the Gift of Financial Knowledge

Sharing the Gift of Financial Knowledge
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When you learn something new, you can’t wait to share it.  Money matters should be the same.  Spread your knowledge to the less financially savvy among us.

It doesn’t just have to be something good you’ve learned.  Some bank or company screw you over?  Let everyone know that too so they can avoid the same fate.

We encourage you to surround yourself with financial friends but you don’t have to ditch the friends who are bad with money.  You can be the financial friend that helps them improve their habits.

Your bank shouldn't charge you fees. They should send you flowers.

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Money is such a taboo subject though.  How do you bring it up?  Lead by bleeding first.  Tell your friends all the dumb mistakes you made and how you fixed them.  It will make them feel less judged when they share their mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if you learn something by reading it from a bathroom wall or Stephen Hawking told it to you over cocktails.  The important thing is that you know it.  So if you learned from our podcast or another, a book, a blog, share your source of knowledge with those around you.

And be sure to follow up.  Ask if they listened or read the book.  Then you will have a jumping off point and you can show them all kinds of cool stuff like Mint, Betterment, and Acorns.  Once they’re a little savvier, you can introduce them to Vanguard if they haven’t already discovered it.

Do you have a story on how you helped a friend or family member improve their finances?  Share your story in the comments.

Show Notes

Mint:  Mint will tell you when your bank screws you with bullshit fees.

Betterment:  Investing for beginners.

Acorns:  Invest your nickels and dimes.


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