Matt Giovanisci

Former Co-Host

Hey, I’m Matt (Gio), a swimming pool and coffee blogger. I used to be terrible with money until Andrew helped me out. Now, I'm a financial big whig... sort of.

I live South Jersey (actually, I just refer to it as Philadelphia). Follow me on Twitter and we can chat about pools, beer or internet marketing.
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How to Stay Motivated (Even on The Shitty Days)

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Crowdsourced Rap Video about Personal Finance Blogging

What happens when you get 20 personal finance bloggers to submit webcam videos of themselves lip syncing an original rap song about blogging?

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How To Write A Professional Resume

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How To Spend Less Money: The Ultimate Course for Becoming A Shopping Sniper

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Eat Healthy on a Budget

You can lose weight and save money! This is my story about how I lost over 60 pounds in a year and saved money just by eating less and not exercising.

“All My Money” Personal Finance Rap Video

“All My Money” is a stylish personal finance rap video written and produced by Matt Giovanisci, and filmed by Andrew Fiebert.

Improve Your Credit Score in 3 Steps

If you want to improve your credit score, all you have to do is follow these three easy steps, let time do its thing, and you’ll succeed.

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I want to share the tips and tools that have absolutely worked for me when it comes to increasing productivity throughout my work day.

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How To Make Money On The Side

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Over the past 30 years of having no money and living paycheck to paycheck, I learned a lot. Here are 18 lessons I learned -the hard paycheck.

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7 Bad Money Habits You Need to Break Right Now

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how to pay off credit card debt
How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can be crippling. A loan shark is the only place to get such high interest charges. We’ll show you how to pay off credit card debt.

31 Money Saving Tweets From December 2013

Every month we have been tweeting one money-saving tip per day using the hashtag #Save365. The following tweets were from December of 2013.

8 Popular Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Can Start Today

Fidelity has published the top financial New Year’s Resolutions of 2014. I’ve outlined them and added a few more popular choices to help your finances.

30 Money Saving Tweets for November 2013

Here are our 30 money saving tweets from November 2013 using the hashtag #Save365. Retweet, favorite, and send us more tweets all year!

Why I’m Leaving PNC Bank for

Bank fees are the worst! Which is why I’ve decided to switch my personal banking to So far it’s been a blessing and I can’t wait for it to grow.

16 Tips For Hosting a Thrifty Thanksgiving

Here are a few money-saving tips when planning and hosting Thanksgiving. Since I’m not the wealthiest dude, I found some really great ways to save cash.

30 Day Challenge: How to Get Rid of Cable TV

I challenge you to get rid of cable for a month and stash the money you save in a high-interest online savings account or invest it!

The Don’t Spend Money Daily Habit Using The Lift App

Would you like to build better habits but need a little help staying on track? There is a great app called Lift that will help you do just that.

365 Days of Money Saving Tweets
365 Days of Money-Saving Tweets

I thought it would be fun to come up with 365 ways to save money in 140 characters or less. I like to give myself restrictions because it breeds creativity. Try it sometime!

They will be useful, actionable, funny, genuine, and they won’t be pie-in-the-sky ideas either. I hate seeing a bunch of lame money-saving tips. Go to the park today = lame. Read a book = lame. Make crafts with your family = the lamest thing I’ve ever heard!!!

This will have to be a joint effort. I know you have some good money-saving ideas in that ol’ head of yours. Share them with us!

The Money Matters Manifesto

Don’t let your money rule you. Take control, get started, and become inspired by our Money Matters Manifesto graphic. Read it, share it, do it!