Crowdsourced Rap Video about Personal Finance Blogging

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  1. It is my great privilege to thank:
  2. The Lyrics


What happens when you get 20 personal finance bloggers to submit webcam videos of themselves lip syncing an original rap song about personal finance blogging?

You get a brilliant promotional video for FinCon! That’s what!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with FinCon, it’s the largest conference of money media nerds, which is taking place in New Orleans this year on the 18th of September.

Back in the spring, because of our first rap video “All My Money,” I was asked to help write a song parody about blogging for the Plutus Awards which is held at the end of FinCon.

Of course, because I’m a stubborn, snotty, music nerd, I asked if I could write my own rap song. When they agreed, I got to work writing a song I called Can’t Get Enough. The first half of the song talks about the day in the life of a blogger, followed by a nostalgic view of the way things used to be in the blogosphere.

Once the song was finished, I asked if I could make a video. I always wanted to do a crowdsourced music video and I thought this would be a good chance to make that dream come true. This video would NOT have been possible without all of the bloggers who, without hesitation, stepped up to their webcams and put on a show for the camera.

It is my great privilege to thank:

Ashely Jacobs (Wise Bread), Pete (Bible Money Matters), Miranda Marquit, Philip Taylor (PT Money), Tom Drake (Canadian Finance Blog), Jeff Rose (Good Financial Cents), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Ready For Zero, Coupon Pal, Dustin Hartzler (Automattic), Chris Ducker (, J. Money (Budgets Are $exy), Kristin Wong (Brokepedia), Nerd Wallet, Experian, Joseph Michael (Learn Scriviner Fast), Steve Stewart (MoneyPlan SOS).

The Lyrics

Yea, FinCon twenty fourteen,
jet lagged, tote bags, down in New Orleans.
It’s like a field of dreams and it seems
that everybody networking trying to make them greens.

Yea we all prolific about money specific.
We got our heads spinning like we doing whip-its.

It’s just what we do,
so let’s tell em what we all go through.

Wake up, 8 o’clock, and I got writer’s block,
but I’m on my fifth cup so you know I can’t stop.
Put my fingers to the keys and I start to write,
when I finish, I can edit, just to make it tight.
Then I hit submit, yea that’s legit!
Sit back, and watch all the shares I get.
I check Facebook and Twitter, it’s only getting bigger.
I’m getting mad likes till I hit seven figures (uh).
I’m on the brink of more credible links
and me thinks that after that I deserve some drinks.
Celebrate till I’m wasted, I spend all of my dough.
I never worry bout SEO.
Like a cheetah straight chasing down these algorithms.
Enough to give a normal nerd an aneurism.
It’s just matter of time until I start to rank
and laugh all the way to the bank.

I check my stats (hey!)
like everyday (hey!)
even though nothing ever goes my way
cause I can’t get enough
Oh Oh Oh Oh a-oh oh!
Oh Oh Oh Oh a-oh oh!

I’m just obsessed (hey!)
gotta refresh (hey!)
Google Analytics always getting me stressed
cause I can’t get enough
Oh Oh…Oh a-oh oh!
Oh Oh…Oh a-oh oh!

Back in the day, it used to be so easy
spinning content, now it sounds so sleazy.
Keeping up with my blogroll, cause that’s how we roll,
we link on the forums, cause that’s what we troll
We used to cheat the system
hunting us down but they always missing.
And ever since then, in the way back when
it’s harder than it’s ever been.
Now I’m begging for more links, comments, and various tweets,
and every time I try to sell a book I hear them calling me thief.
And when I see a new subscriber it’s a sign of relief,
but when I see them leave my list it’s always causing me grief.
Aw man! Now I gotta tweet everyday?
And Facebook? when I got nothing to say?
You know, it ain’t that bad in a way,
cause there’s nothing that I would rather be doing today.

More information about FinCon14 and the Plutus Awards:

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