Laura Fiebert ~ Head of Operations

Laura is a huge part of what keeps LMM going. She edits the podcasts, books the guests, writes, manages social media (except twitter, she hates it) and a million other things that keep the wheels turning. Most importantly makes sure everything gets done.

She's an avid knitter, wine drinker, and thrifter. A passion of Laura's is second-hand shopping and refashioning vintage clothing. She now has a side business reselling thrift store finds using Poshmark. You can check out her closet here Very soon she'll be launching a site documenting how she runs her Poshmark business so she can teach others how to make money thrift flipping.
She loves cheap champagne, traveling and crappy reality TV.

How To Stop Spending Money and Save Money With The Refrigerator Method


Almost 50% of Americans cannot come up with $400 if they needed it urgently. 1 in 3 Americans has $0 saved for retirement. It’s clear, we’re way better at spending money then we are saving leaving too many American households living paycheck to paycheck with close to nothing saved for the future.

How To Save Money On Vacation: Your Guide to Cheap Travel

cocktail on balcony

Could you use a holiday? Yeah, us too. We all deserve one even if we don’t have a ton of money. We’ll show you how to save money on vacation.

Are You Financially Ready For The New Year?

"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." —Winston Churchill

Yep, it’s time of the year again for New Years Resolutions to kick-in and for many of us, that means getting your finances in order. Ready for the new year?

Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

"Travelers never think that they are the foreigners." —Mason Cooley

Nothing ruins a trip faster than being pick pocketed, scammed or having a card number stolen. Take a few simple steps to protect your money when traveling.

The Anatomy of a Real Estate Deal

The Anatomy of a Real Estate Deal with Dean and Gerard from GD Group Moves

Here are some important things to know before you move forward with one of the largest financial transaction of your life- closing a real estate deal.

Buying Rental Property: Reduce Risk and Follow This Advice [UPDATED]

monopoly board game

43 million U.S. households are renters. If you’re thinking about buying rental property, that number might mislead you to think it’s an easy way to make a buck. Real estate investing can be an excellent passive income stream but success requires due diligence. I’m going to walk you through the steps of buying your first rental property so you don’t lose money – or your sanity. Let’s dive in.

12 Real Differences Between a Rich Mindset vs. a Poor Mindset

rich vs poor

Maybe you are rich. Maybe you are poor. Maybe you have experienced being both at some point in your life. If you haven’t figured it out yet, being rich isn’t all about money. It’s about well-being, abundance, having time, success, and mindset. There are definitely social issues that contribute to poverty, however, rich vs poor mindsets and habits can also drive wealth and success.

Cash On Cash Return: Determine If Your Rental Property Is a Good Investment

cash on cash return

Thomas and Andrew get nerdy about the numbers and chat about how to calculate rental yield to see if a property will be a smart investment.

Natali Morris: The Power of Leverage

Using the power of leverage to purchase real estate can be a great tool, a way to make money with someone else’s money. But it does come with risks.

Adrian Granzella Larssen: Find the Positive

When you’re organized, you’re more efficient. Being organized helps you “weed” out tasks you don’t need to do and “seed’ things that will create success.

Retire Happy – Optimize Your 401K Account With Blooom

blooom 401k

We’re joined by a previous guest. Chris Costello joins us to talk about how to retire happy when you optimize your 401K account with Blooom.

How to Build Wealth While Preparing Financially for Parenthood

preparing financially for parenthood

Today the guys talk to Kim Palmer, mother of two and author of Smart Mom, Rich Mom about how to build wealth while raising a family and preparing financially for parenthood.

Have a Beautiful Party Without Blowing Your Wedding Budget

broke ass bride

Today the guys talk to Christen from The Broke-Ass Bride on how to have the wedding you want without going broke.

Wedding Ideas On A Budget

wedding ideas on a buget

The average American wedding costs over $25,000. Andrew and I did it for half that. I’ll share our money saving secrets for a beautiful wedding.

How to Interview and Hire a Financial Team

financial team

You can DIY a lot of your financial life but sometimes you need some help. But you only want to choose the best people when it comes to your money. Today we’re discussing how to interview and hire a financial team.

PolicyGenius Review And A Chat With Their CEO


Insurance is so complicated and confusing. So we brought an expert, Jennifer Fitzgerald from Policy Genius to help us navigate the murky depths.

Lets Go Thrifting! The Ultimate Guide To Thrift Store Success


I’m obsessed with thrift stores. Walking through one is like exploring a magical treasure trove. You never know what you’re going to find thrifting.

5 Questions- Retirement Funds, Savings Bonds and Budgeting


The guys tackle 5 great listener questions today about investing, debt, inheritance, bonds, and budgeting irregular income. 

5 Questions: Profit Sharing, Tradelines, 403B’s


We get a lot of listener questions, and sometimes we get the same question several times. When that happens, we know a 5 questions episode is in order! Today we bring you questions on profit sharing, tradelines, 403Bs, 401ks, and paying off debt.

5 Questions – Lending Club, Green Mutual Funds and Having Fun

Five Questions July

 Today we answer 5 questions about drinking on the job, Lending Club, borrowing from family, green mutual funds, having fun, and buying a first home.

5 Questions: Windfalls, Real Estate and Building Credit

Five questions windfalls

This week the guys tackle 5 questions from the audience on windfalls, real estate, and building credit.

5 Questions: Debt, Real Estate Investing and Freelancing

Five Questions December

This week the guys tackle 5 questions from the audience on debt, real estate investing and freelancing.

10 Lessons in 100 Episodes

10 lessons 100 episodes

We have officially reached 100 episodes! Thomas and Andrew have learned so much from each other and the awesome guests we’ve had on the show.

Building a Multi-Family Empire With Eric Bowlin


The guys talk to Eric Bowlin, successful multi-unit real estate investor from Texas about how he created a successful real estate empire by the age of 30.

Be Like Benjamin Franklin


He was a writer, a publisher, a statesman, an inventor, and a renowned ladies man. He was timeless because Ben Franklin quotes are still relevant today.

How to Land a Job With Mark Fiebert

how to land a job

After years of experience being on both ends of the hiring process, Mark Fiebert gives us some great tips how to land a job.

Closing The Wage Gap With Allegra Brantly


The wage pay gap between men and women has been a major issue but the only way women are going to get paid what their worth is to ask for it.

Personal Finance and Economic Empowerment of Veterans

veterans day

Financial literacy is desperately needed for veterans, and today our guest works to help service families secure economic future they feel good about.

Killing It- A Chat With Sheryl O’Loughlin

Sheryl O'Loughlin Killing it

Not until lately have entrepreneurs come forward to talk about the severe mental struggles they face including today’s guest, Sheryl O’Loughlin.

What To Consider Before Moving To A New City

moving to a new city

When you are moving to a new city, everything is new and exciting, but it can also be a little scary. Preparing will help you get past that unfamiliarity of a new city. Whether you are looking to move to Denver or Denmark, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration.

Building Habits for Financial Independence

Habits for Independence

Happy 4th of July! While you are watching fireworks, remember how much hard work and dedication it took the founders of the United States to declare independence. It takes the same effort and dedication when it comes to financial independence. These are the best habits for independence. 

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Do I need life insurance image

We have all asked ourselves at some point, do I need life insurance? You’re young and healthy, nothing is going to happen to you. Right?

How To Quit Your Job And Actually Start A Business


You often hear “overnight” success stories when it comes to people who have quit their jobs to start a business, but it doesn’t happen that way. It takes a lot of work and planning to get there. If you’re fed up with the 9-5 grind, we’ll show you how to quit your job and actually start a business.

The Importance of Creating a Budget

creating a budget

Do you have a monthly budget? If not, how do you know how much you can spend? How do you track spending? You don’t! So you’re going to start a budget.

For the Love of Money – A Chat with Sam Polk

Sam Polk

How would you feel if you made $3.75 million in bonuses a year? It hard to imagine but our guest has done it. And he wrote a book about it! Today we have a chat with Sam Polk, author of For the Love of Money. 

Better Know A Millionaire With Matt Shoup


It’s been a while but we are back with our Better Know a Millionaire segment and today the guys talk to entrepreneur, speaker and house painter Matt Shoup.

Manage Your Family Like a Business


Growing your wealth is not just about investing some money in the market. To achieve financial independence starts with better decision making.

Getting Fit at The Financial Gym

the financial gym

The guys talk with Shannon McLay, a financial planner, blogger and podcaster who left her financial services job to start her own company The Financial Gym.

Starting a Franchise With Laura Novak

Starting a Franchise

The guys chat with Laura Novak, owner of Little Nest Portraits, about starting a franchise and what systems need to be put in place to make it successful.

Change Your Mindset: What’s Possible VS. What’s Needed

Change Your Mindset

Whether you believe it or not, we have all heard the saying money can’t buy happiness. Maybe it’s time to change your mindset. It’s about what’s possible.

Get Focused – Do More of What Matters

get focused

We all battle distraction and it can overwhelm us sometimes but there are plenty of ways to get focused.

How To Invest In Bitcoin

how to invest in bitcoin

How does a currency just materialize from thin air? What is a Bitcoin? Want to know how to invest in Bitcoin? We’ll break down the mystery for you.

Starting a Company With Your Spouse

Starting a company

How can you make a business partnership with your spouse work without damaging your romantic partnership? Andrew and I are doing just that. Here’s how.

10 Years of Small Business Tips

small business tips

Whether you’re have a business, or looking to start a one it’s important to listen to your peers. We’re sharing our 10 years of small business tips.

The Laws of Wealth – A Chat With Daniel Crosby

Daniel Crosby

Emotions impact every financial decision we face and sometimes it causes us to make choices out of fear or greed which may not always be the best decisions.

This Financial Life With Brian

This financial-life-brian

On This Financial Life episode, the guys chat with Brian, a long time fan of the show. They talk about his finances, mortgage, and debt over a cold one.

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