Stop Spending and Start Saving

Expensive Taste May Be Prohibiting Your Financial Growth

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Does champagne taste hurt your wealth building?  Unless you’re a Russian oligarch, the answer may be yes.  We like nice things even if we can’t  afford them.

There comes a time when we have to live within our means.  Easier said than done when you have expensive tastes.  Even harder to do in a big urban area like New York City.  The reason we are so revolted by mediocrity is because we are surrounded by excellence.  But when it comes to wealth building, this is a dangerous mindset.

Dinners, cars, clothes.  We all have our weak spots.  So what to do about it?  Does everything have to be top shelf for your special self?  It’s not like you’re the Pope or anything.  So instead of the $50 bottle of Bordeaux, how about the $25 bottle?  You’re probably no wine expert either so likely won’t notice the difference.  That’s not too say you can’t ever have the really good stuff.  But save it for special occasions.  It’s part of what makes them special.

I like my sausage fresh. How can you fault a man?

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Quality is sometimes largely perception.  Quality doesn’t always mean the most expensive.  It’s better meaning would be the most durable.  Many people who buy only the most expensive things often don’t recognize quality anyway.  They just follow the herd in buying what they’ve been told is the best via advertising.  People interested in quality have done enough research to discern quality from cost.

We’re not condoning PBR consumption but after beer number four, what difference does it make really?  I type this as I’m listening to Matt describe Andrew rubbing his new I-Phone on his face.  So what is the point of this episode?  Do as we say not as we do?  No, that doesn’t seem like the correct message to send.  How about this?  Buy the best that you need, not the best you can afford.

Show Notes

Mint:  Track how many I-phones you buy!

Betterment:  Invest so you have money for more I-phones!


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