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Last Updated on June 8, 2018 Last Updated on June 8, 2018
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Table of Contents  
  1. Show Notes
  2. Read These Next

Today we interview Benjamin Miller from Fundrise. Fundrise is a crowdsourcing site that allows anyone to invest in real estate.

Real estate can be a great investment but you need some serious money to do it. Not anymore. Fundrise allows you to invest small or large amounts of money in various properties. We even wrote a full review of Fundrise – you should check it out!

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The person who writes the check makes the decision.

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The commercial real estate market has outperformed other investment vehicles for the last thirty years. It would be great if we could all become commercial land lords but most of us probably don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around.

With Fundrise, you need $1,000 to open an account. They have dozens of people looking at hundreds of possible investments. Finding a good commercial real estate investment isn’t easy.

Fundrise negotiates the deal and writes then check and then offers the opportunity to investors. The investment management fee ranges from .33-.50% per year. How fast can you pull your money out of Fundrise? Not as quickly as you can with something like Betterment. Their notes have an average age of two years.

You don’t have to be an accredited investor to invest through Fundrise. They have worked with the SEC to open certain investments to anyone who has the $1,000 minimum. You don’t want this to be a huge part of your portfolio but as the average returns are around 13%, this type of crowd sourced investing is something to seriously consider.

There isn’t a deal for investors who aren’t accredited right now but Benjamin suggests setting up an account so you can see when there is a deal that you can get in on.

Show Notes

Fundrise: Crowd sourced real estate investing.

Fundrise Extinction: Cool subway ad!

Fundrise Internet: Next to be extinct.

Fundrise Jobs: Welcoming all out of work bankers.

River Horse Baltic Porter: Aged in Peruvian rum barrels.

Molson Canadian: It’s the NHL play offs,what else would you drink?

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