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the pink tax

The Pink Tax Explained – What it is and what you can do about it

The pink tax is one that only about half of the population is subject to. And they probably aren’t even aware of it. Are you paying the pink tax?

The pink tax refers to the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. Things like dry cleaning, personal care products, and vehicle maintenance. So not only do we make less but we pay more. Some bullshit. 

How much more?  About $1,351 more a year in extra costs. Where are we paying more? Below are the some of the biggest culprits.


Old Navy got busted last year for charging more for women’s plus sized clothing but not for men’s. The plus sized women’s jeans were $12-15 more than the standard sized ones. But there was no such difference between the prices of men’s plus and regular sized jeans.

Gap, who owns Old Navy, released a statement that the additional cost was because “they are created by a team of designers who are experts in creating the most flattering and on-trend plus styles, which includes curve-enhancing and curve-flattering elements such as four-way stretch materials and contoured waistbands, which most men’s garments do not include.”

Fancy words for the third world, sweat shop child labor. The words “flattering and on-trend” aren’t exactly the ones that spring to mind when I think of Old Navy. Crappy, cheaply made and ready for the rag bag after a couple of washes are what I think of. Old Navy is getting uppity.

Dry cleaners are another place women will pay more for the same service. Men’s shirts cost an average of $2.86 to be cleaned and women’s cost $4.95. I hate this one because I am good at many domestic tasks, but ironing has never been one of them. I could take a shirt out of the bottom of the laundry hamper, and it would look better before my half assed attempt at ironing it than it does after. I just cannot get the hang of it.

It’s not even that cotton dress shirts need special laundering that requires dry cleaners, it’s just that the cleaners will iron them for you. I avoid this by buying only Foxcroft no iron shirts. You can throw these in the laundry, and they come out perfect. Life pro tip for you.

Self Care Products

These are the kinds of things you buy in a drug store, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, face cleanser. A news program compared those items from various stores in Atlanta. The women’s products cost $4 more than the comparable men’s products.

Here’s what you can do ladies, just buy the men’s stuff! Unless you buy the fancy razors with multiple blades and “moisture strips,” the only difference between generic old stick razors for men and women is that our’s are pink and their’s are blue. Surprisingly, color has little effect on the hair removal process.

And buy a big old can of Barbasol. The stuff has been around since 1919 for a reason. In fact, I think the can that is permanently rusted to the edge of my tub is of that vintage. Lasts forever, works great and whatever you’re shaving won’t smell like the inside of a raspberry pop tart. Women’s shaving creams have the nastiest, synthetic smells.

the pink tax - woman pay more than men

You’re not out of the drug store yet. If you have internal rather than external plumbing, you are going spend about $3,000 over the course of your life on pads or tampons too. Jessica Valenti wrote a piece in the Guardian last year wondering why these products weren’t free or at least not taxed. The backlash was swift and vitriolic. You would have thought she had the nerve to say that Viagra shouldn’t be covered by insurance, the bitch.

Paying for tampons is a first world problem. In the first world. Not all women live in the first world, and lack of access to menstrual (sorry, that word makes me cringe too) products is a very real problem for women in less developed countries. UNICEF estimates that 10% of African girls miss school during their period.

And it’s not because they are like some of those over dramatic women we all know and maybe some of us are, that use their period as an excuse to get out of doing stuff they’d rather not do. It’s because they have nothing to stem the blood exiting their bodies. Sorry to be gruesome but having to miss out on education because of your biology is a fucking gruesome problem.

Vehicle Repair

I think this one is an old cliche, but it’s true. Northwestern did a study that had men and women call various repair shops asking about the cost of having a radiator replaced. Women who seemed clueless on the phone were quoted $406 for a job that should cost $365. Men who acted similarly uninformed were quoted $383.

So it pays to do enough research before making these kinds of inquiries to have a ball park figure of what you should be charged. And that goes for both sexes no matter what they are paying for. People will take advantage of dummies no matter what their gender.

What Can You Do?

We are making some progress on this issue. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can no longer charge women more for identical services. Insurers must also cover birth control which is much more of a human right than fucking (ha!) Viagra which didn’t need a law passed to get it covered.

California passed a gender discrimination pricing law in 1996. Businesses found to be charging women more are subject to a minimum fine of $1000. It doesn’t seem like the law is enforced much though.

The best way to avoid this is to simply buy the men’s version of certain products and to do some home work and shop around for the best prices on things like dry cleaning. Or do what one women’s rights groups in France have done. They started a site and uploaded photos of products that had unequal pricing.

the pink tax - even more on life insurance, wtf

Getting more confident and public shaming companies sometimes have a positive impact. Putting them on blast through something like Twitter will often garner faster results that writing letters and signing petitions.

So, sorry to deliver more bad news to the ladies among us but if you are aware of stuff like these, you can avoid it. Tax day is only a few weeks away and unavoidable (unless you’re in the 1%) but you can avoid the Pink Tax if you know to look for it.

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76 responses to “The Pink Tax Explained – What it is and what you can do about it”

  1. Allison says:

    That is damn annoying that the same product would cost more just because it is for females.

    • jb1907 says:

      My wife uses the same razors I do. The dry cleaning thing is a bit if BS. They could invent a better piece of equipment that does both genders. Women pay more for haircuts because they are more concered. My wife pays $85 to have her hair cut, I pay $10. That isn’t just $5 more for the same service. I have paid up to $35 for a cut, but would never pay more than $50. Women with short hair and no style shouldn’t pay more than $25.

      • Kristian Cat says:

        there are many places that price for hair length rather than gender. but why is it gender based to begin with? It’s because women often expect more service, they often want their hair washed which would usually mean they will use more shampoo for more hair. ofcourse not all women have long hair so why is it gender based? women also tend to expect more service and more detailed haircuts even if they have shorter hair. Women also tend to want a sort of liquid in their hair to soften it or something among those lines. Unlike women, men also don’t think the difference in price would make such a big difference from salon to salon which drives the price for male haircuts down.

        • Pen says:

          I’ve gone into the cheaper places (with short hair and no fancy expectations) and they literally refuse to cut your hair.

    • Kristian Cat says:

      it is not just because they are females, there are several reasons why products are priced differently.

  2. ah says:

    I switched to silicon menstrual cups – a $39 cup can last for years, replaces hundreds of tampons and doesn’t cause toxic shock. I have a Diva cup but I’ve heard good things about Lunette and Intimina too. My local stores don’t carry menstrual cups but there is a wide selection available on Amazon. I wish I had discovered these years ago.

    • snsbdb says:

      Can comfirm, the softcups and Luna cups are awesome for the price. $6 lasts 2-3 months.

    • katt_gyrl says:

      I have a Yuuki cup & love it!

    • Natasha K says:

      Same here. It is way too expensive to use tampons and pads. With menstucup periods are cheap and you can barely have any discomfort. They also do last more then a 1,5 years.

    • Ashley says:

      I just use pads, a 48 pack which costs around $20 would last me a little over 9 months and it’s more expensive, but there’ more luxury in it, I get to just chuck it away and you have to clean and keep yours.

      • Anna K says:

        If you think pads are luxurious, you are not living life to the fullest, sister! ;)

        Cleaning a cup is no biggie, and I’ve never actually had to change mine in public.
        I find it more hygienic overall since you just flush the old blood away instead of having a trash can full of used pads in your bathroom.

        I just don’t see much validity in an argument that pads are luxurious or somehow less messy. They’re like blood-catching diapers, which isn’t cute. Cups just do the same job in a different way. They are also not cute (or luxurious), but are much more cost effective and better for the environment.

  3. Tom Brady says:

    Why play the victim? Women are charged more because they are willing to pay more. They think they are getting a better product when it is really the same. In a free market, sellers charge what they think buyers will pay. It’s fine to highlight these differences but don’t call it a tax when really it’s the result of ignorance. By calling it a tax and suggesting government get involved you are interfering in a simple sales transaction which causes everything to be more expensive. The creation of new rules and enforcement mechanisms cost everyone money.

    Sellers would charge men more if they could get away with it. I know many women who will continue to pay more for the pink razors than the blue razors because blue isn’t a feminine color. Ridiculous I know!

    • disqus_v6b9KneizK says:

      Why is it when women point out an obvious discrepancy and unfair situation, men are so quick to say “we are playing toe victim”? Do you spend time in the grocery store checking prices between men and women’s stuff? You think women have time to do so? If more women knew this, I’m sure more women would buy more men’s items.

      Don’t be the problem, be the solution. Geez.

      • Tom Brady says:

        Why play the gender card? Your initial note suggests that corporations charge women more because they hate women. Why would a corporation intentionally alienate half of its customer base? Have you asked yourself why they do this? They do this because they can. If they could charge men more they would. Corporations (run by men and women) know that if they take a blue razor and make it pink and then put a picture of a flower on it and call it a “Daisy” then they can charge more and will make more money than if they don’t. Women don’t want blue razors. If women only bought blue razors then the pink razors would fail. It’s called marketing. It has nothing to do with gender discrimination.

        I think it’s great that you provide this info and I’m sure some women will benefit but don’t assume evil intentions when they don’t exist. Geez.

        • saymwah says:

          You’re being naive in saying that it’s simple supply and demand. The differential pricing is reprehensible because they’re capitalizing on deep gender stereotypes that women need to prioritize appearance and hygiene. Imagine if Midol–which is very effective for migraines–put out a nearly identical “men’s migraines” product and charged twice as much for it to exploit the fact that most men wouldn’t be caught dead buying a bottle of Midol.

          • Tom Brady says:

            What you call “capitalizing on stereotypes” is nothing more than the market filling a need. Women want pink razors and are willing to pay a premium for them. Who are you to say they can’t and shouldn’t? Consumers make decisions all the time. Some buy generic and some don’t. Some buy organic and some don’t. Some buy local and some don’t care. The great thing about this country is that we have a choice. Go in to your local Walgreens or Walmart and see what I mean. What I find upsetting is your need to label every difference as some sort of evil discrimination. If you would just dig a little deeper you might find that there are almost always good reasons for these price discrepancies. It is just plain lazy and judgmental to attach your favorite condemnation without proof!

          • Prisstine says:

            Real question is if it were reversed, where the women’s pink razors were cheaper would men naturally figure this out by checking prices and then buy the pink razors? Point being men by men stuff women buy women’s. I always buy the cheapest of any product but tbh I would never have thought about going straight to the men’s section to look at price and I am pretty sure a lot of men wouldn’t go directly to women’s section to check price either.As far as the companies being able to do I have one question. So we are basically not going to hold companies accountable for having crap morals?

          • Ashley says:

            Yes! Yes! They would! Why? Because most men are not idiots! And maybe they would still sell because it’s women who do the shopping and I think it’s quite obvious that women are stupid shoppers and I say this as a woman who is frankly shamed to be part of such a stupid sex who cares more about their appearance than how much costs. There’s nothing immoral about charging stupid people more to make a buck, their stupidity is their own fault, stop being stupid, that’s all you need to do and then they can’t make their buck.

          • JoeD says:

            YOU CAN HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!!! What in the hell are you talking about?!!?! Don’t buy their products!! What? You need mommy and daddy government to do it for you? The real issue, however, is whether they are doing it because of sexism (which is a stupid person’s argument) or if there is some other reason.

          • joebee78 says:

            Insurance companies typically charge men more for auto insurance and life insurance. I didn’t see that mentioned in Candice’s “article”. Under the new healthcare law, men are forced to purchase a health insurance plan that includes maternity care. That’s right, a 55 year old man that’s self-employed must buy a health care plan that includes maternity care. When men in the United States turn 18, they must fill out their selective service card, making themselves eligible to be drafted for war should that need arise. If they don’t, they face fines and/or imprisonment; and are ineligible for financial aid, federal job training and employment with the federal government.

            Are those forms of a “blue tax”? Are men discriminated against? Should there be equal treatment in these areas too? I guess in Candice’s rush to claim victim status and didn’t consider all of the facts. Big surprise, given her track record of spouting off talking points from the Huffington Post . . .

          • dslodge says:

            Actually if half the price I sure would buy a product made for a woman instead of the one made for the man. As long as it will do the same thing I could care a less.

          • Ashley says:

            couldn’t* care less, you made it sound like you actually gave a fuck there mate.

          • Ashley says:

            It is…sure it’s gender stereotype and they’re capitalizing on it, but they’re not wrong for doing something that makes them profit, you can only blame yourself for being a sucker. You can suck your pride up and by the gender neutral thing, and it is the gender neutral product which is the cheapest, not the male one. I know I always look for the cheapest item and it’s always incredibly gender neutral.

          • JoeD says:

            Gender stereotypes aren’t based on fiction. They’re based on reality – that’s how they became stereotypes!!!!!!

            You have nothing to back up your assertion except a made up men’s migraine headache medicine.

            Imagine if men payed more for car insurance… I’ll be damned, they do. Must be based on gender stereotypes that men are more reckless than women drivers.

            There’s all kinds of reasons women, and men, pay more for products. Your inability to understand the reasons doesn’t make it sexism.

        • Saint Kickolas YT says:

          Yeah I know. Also sometimes like with skin creams and deodorisers, women seem to want more than just smells nice and does the job.

          • Vasile Andrei says:

            the bottom line is that women’s products are more expensive because they deliver MORE

            skin cream for women have almost TWICE the ingredient than one for men
            same goes for shampoo….

            but any woman can try man’s products…
            my wife did, she gave up after 2 months after her skin got exfoliated
            apparently men’s skin is different and can resist a higher concentration of caustic soda, meaning that we can clean ourselves faster using cheaper products

            and the woman hair is weaker… not that men have too much hair after 40 anyway… or they should care

            so again… just as the false man hating feminist narrative of “wage gap” (actually a median earnings gap that should be renamed “worked hours gap”)
            the “pink tax” is another scam to foul women believe that they are victims of the invisible “patriarchy”

            no, you’re not a victim of the society
            you’re a victim of your own biology and choices
            stop crying, your shampoo and skin cream is far superior than men’s ones…

          • JoeD says:

            The stupidest assumption by these people is that a business wouldn’t simply lower the price of their women’s products to out-compete their competition. Do they really think that all these companies are colluding to price women’s products higher? Some of these companies have female CEO’s! The blatant ignorance on here is astounding!

      • snsbdb says:

        You can literally just use your eyes to compare items. Not rocket science. I am a woman and have never bothered buying female specific things like razors or shaving cream because I can read and compare prices. They make male specific hair and face products now too and charge an arm and a leg for them(same stuff as in ladies products). So it is starting to go both ways. I am so sick of the oppression game.

        • Ashley says:

          Oh no but it takes up too much time for them! /s So glad I’m not the only one who’s a woman and sees the ridiculousness in these people’s claims.

        • Vasile Andrei says:

          and you can check the ingredients and see what a huge difference between men and women products exist

          and that difference makes it all worth it

      • Ashley says:

        What women doesn’t know this? Are all the women in the world living under a rock, it takes a few seconds to look at other prices, price is the first thing I look at and I generally go for the cheapest thing (which means gender neutral not male-oriented) I can find. For crying out loud, if you’re distracted by the sparkly I think it’s time we take you back to pre school because you’re clearly not fit to be an adult. I think if people want better finances, they should make it so that the females in their lives are not allowed to enter stores because they don’t know how to shop.

      • Minerverse says:

        “Why is it when women point out an obvious discrepancy and unfair situation, men are so quick to say “we are playing toe victim”?”

        Because it’s precisely what you’re doing. There is no pink tax. Buy the generic item and you won’t pay a premium for boutique items. YOU choose to buy pink items. Stop buying them *POOF* no more “pink tax”. Men will wash their hair with soap if it means it’s cheaper, unless you’re a gay man and then you end up paying the “pink tax” because you’re concerned with the best quality.

        There is no pay gap, only an earnings gap. Which is caused by the fact women tend to work fewer hours or more flexible hours, and they tend to choose professions that don’t pay as much. If you do a gender studies degree and end up writing for Buzzfeed or Salon, you’re simple not going to earn the same money as a mechanical engineer or someone working in a dangerous environment like a mine or an oil rig. If you want to get paid more, stop doing basket weaving degrees.

        The gap is an expression of women’s choices. Stop blaming men for your own choices (aka playing the victim). When you stop playing the victim, maybe men will stop saying you are.

        • Kenetrice Nichole Jones says:

          WRONG. The wage gap is not based on hours worked. You can compare actual pay per hour for a woman and man who work the exact same job, with the exact same education level, and the woman will be paid less per hour. There is proof to this. The woman can even have a higher education or have more experience and she will still very likely make less than her male counterpart. So, before you go spreading your “women suck” “I hate feminists” garbage, check your facts. Although, I do agree that women should start taking the time to check prices and stop buying things simply because society has told us that these things are for women, but again, it isn’t right for companies to try to take advantage of one gender over another. We are conditioned in this world from the time we are born to fit into our gender roles and only use things that are made for your gender. So, of course women shop in the women’s section and men shop in the men’s section. Ya’ll just happened to be able to shop in the cheaper section for no valid reason so enjoy.

          • Minerverse says:

            “You can compare actual pay per hour for a woman and man who work the exact same job, with the exact same education level, and the woman will be paid less per hour. There is proof to this. ”

            Citation needed.

            “The wage gap is not based on hours worked.”

            You’re right. the statistic that feminist like to promote is not based on hours worked. It’s based on a total average for the male population versus the average for the female population. That’s not how you do a statistical analysis. That’s how a 5th grader does maths. You have to control for the various demographic factors that affect income.

            As I said before, read Thomas Sowell. He’s done the analysis and controlled for factors like education level, martial status, number of children, number of hours worked, etc. When you do that, the “wage gap” not only disappears, but in some instances, women slightly out earn men.

            “So, before you go spreading your “women suck” “I hate feminists” garbage, check your facts.”

            WTF? You don’t know me. Where did I say “women suck”? How about you check your fact you condescending little asshole. You’re just invented shit about my character so you can feel good about yourself. Fuck you.

      • JoeD says:

        Because that’s what you’re doing, playing the victim. Don’t be ignorant. There’s plenty of things that men pay more for but we don’t make up some bullshit term like a “pink tax.” You couldn’t play the victim more if you tried.

    • Brian Middleton says:

      Tom, I agree and disagree. Part of the reason for an article like this is because by informing women (and men) there can be more people who understand and refuse to give their money to such organizations. Of course the market will charge what it can, but what is wrong with being informed?
      As for no taxes on feminine hygiene products? Why not no tax on all hygiene & health products? Being clean and healthy is a good thing. I am all for everyone having easier access to it.
      Moving on. The sad part about Viagra is the erectile dysfunction is a sign of heart problems. Rather than treating the issue, it is covered up because apparently men are perceived as sex crazed animals that must have nucky to survive. Stupid insurance companies & drug companies.
      So what am I rambling on about? Well, I agree with the author that increasing the price on similar products is just stupid. Mostly. Men between the ages of 15 and 25 pay more for auto insurance. This is for good reason. They use it more (because of more accidents, or as I call them, stupidents). This is fair in this case, and if some products or services are priced according to this model, I can’t really oppose that. But the change 20% extra or more for the same product is stupid. Thanks for informing us.

      • george999 says:

        It’s not stupid to charge more for the same product. It’s stupid to pay it.

        It’s not stupid at all for this article to point out that women should
        consider buying blue razors. However, it would be stupid not to
        continue to offer pink ones if some people would still rather buy them.

        Women were charged more for health insurance because insurers don’t have to worry about male pregnancy. In other words women used more health care so for good reason they were charged more for insurance. So, why do you think men being charged more for auto insurance is different and fair? It’s the exact same issue.

        Out of curiosity, I asked a hairdresser once why she charged more for women’s cuts. She said because women were a bigger pain in the ass for her to cut. They were pickier about the work and it took more time. Basically, women had more complex styles and were more concerned about their appearance.

        None of the articles referenced actually disputed the dry cleaners claim that it takes more manual work and more time to press women’s shirts because of tailoring. I have no idea if this is true or not but if it is not true why didn’t anyone provide evidence?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the dry cleaning situation is that women are willing to pay more because they are more concerned with how their clothes are treated then men are. If that were not the case then why aren’t women refusing to pay more? Why aren’t women customers thronging to chains that do have equal pricing? Those stores should be booming and taking over the dry cleaning business.

        • Brian Middleton says:

          I didn’t make any point about health insurance actually. So I am confused as to why you thought I did.

        • JoeD says:

          Women use more health services in general.

          And it’s pretty damn obvious that women are being charged more at dry cleaners because women have clothing that requires more special care. This isn’t a new concept, it’s not nefarious, and it should be common sense. But alas, we have a generation who’s growing up thinking the patriarchy is a thing.

      • Ashley says:

        Viagra was actually being designed to treat heart problems but it was a failure and the side effect was an erection.

        • Brian Middleton says:

          This is true. Also, taking Viagra superoxiginates your blood, so some people take it while hiking in extreme altitudes. That doesn’t change my initial point however.

    • Kristian Cat says:

      the razors costs more for several reasons and not just the colour. inventing a razor blade is literally rocket science. you know how many millions of dollars and years gilette has put into research just to invent 2 type of razor blades? i believe it was 750m and the last time a razor blade was invented by gilette was in 2005. why do you think there are so few companies that makes razor blades? because its fucking difficult. men shave their faces in front of the mirror, mens facial hair doesnt grow in all kinds of directions compared to womens body hair. women shave in places they cant see like the back of the leg and women shave faster and in more curved areas like the knees. these are the differences, the male and female razor blades are optimized for different areas, in different speed, in different ways so ofcourse they’re priced differently..

      • Vasile Andrei says:

        not to mention the huge difference in ads costs
        for men cheaper ads couple of times a day on main news and sport channels
        for women… super expensive ads all day long on all drama and soap and talkshows

        • Kenetrice Nichole Jones says:

          Who told them that they needed to advertise to women 20 times a day though? Women can see an ad one time and decide whether we would buy that just like you can so I’m not understanding your point, Vasile. Just like you are doing, there is this idea that women are ignorant and need something drilled in their head 20 times a day. Just stop! Men are no more intelligent than women are. I know men and women who are incredibly stupid and I know men and women who are incredibly intelligent and are on the same level of intelligence. Also, Kristian Cat, if you really believe that then you have fallen for the silly bs that Gillette has fed you. I have used both men’s and women’s razor and they shave the exact same way. I always buy the triple blade razors because they are less likely to nick you and whether it be men or women’s razors they shave the exact same, even at a “faster” pace and around the “curved areas like the knees.” Don’t fall for the BS they are feeding you. They are the same.

          • Vasile Andrei says:

            let me tell you a secret, actually is not a secret, if you google it is quite out in the open

            the marketing departments got their hands on a statistic that shows that “women in american are responsible with over 80% of all the purchasing decisions”… meaning they are the one that either purchase or have the last word on household purchase

            of course everyone will celebrate this as a total victory for women, and a clear example that even in marriage, the women holds the knife (we, men, already knew it, but somehow feminists did not get the memo that women rule in private life… )

            so, the ad companies, the marketing departments and the sale managers instantly get it… the opportunity to make more sales

            why invest in better products, why compete for better prices, why aim to improve and innovate when you can create women-friendly ads?

            is far cheaper to do a 30 seconds ad that features an “empowered woman” driving the same crappy car, than to actually increase that car’s performance

            and before you know it a new brand of marketing appeared
            “women empowerment” “pink marketing”

            no matter what feminist think… no matter how many women get outrage, the facts are facts… PINK SELLS BETTER to women

            and women got the money, the buying decisions, the purchasing power… therefore… slap pink everywhere, get on the “empowered woman” campaign, go full retard and blame men while catering to the women’s smallest whims

            does it work?
            well… up to a point, yes, it did
            are women stupid to fall for it?
            everyone has a point… men fall for sex, women fall for praise… even ancient Greeks knew this

            and now?
            well… Hillary lost
            her entire campaign was a pink campaign… and it failed, and many marketers are now seeing a decline in sales…. so this marketing for women starts to fail

            will they stop with the “women are strok, men are idiots” bs?
            no… they already invested their ad budget for this type of messages, we will see them at least couple of years

            are women waking up to realize that slapping a girl statue in front of a bull statue is just a marketing scam created by a multi-billion invest company to get women into stocks and eventually get their money?

            some yes, most no

            so, even if they know that some women are not stupid
            they also know that plenty are
            and for each stupid woman there is a stupid man…
            but that stupid man has only a fraction of the stupid woman’s purchasing decisions

            therefore it is still viable to continue with the pink marketing until the suckers catch on and start paying attention to the product not the ad…

            so yes, you are completely right, men and women are equally stupid/smart

            but men and women are not equally responsible of the family shopping bags… and even if single, men are often far more conservative when it comes to spending

            some women will learn the hard way that having power comes with responsibility… and using a credit to buy all the crap may ruin you…

            but until that day comes, we will be stuck with “women are strok, men are idiots, we love women, give us your money, buy this pink crap, you are special, gurrrlll power”….

            is a game of numbers, and in this world marketing departments will use any kind of crap to get on top of the competition

            sadly this will hurt women, men, families and even children… and it will make some very rich people, even more rich

    • Jeanne says:

      I disagree with your comment that women are willing to pay more. Really? And you aren’t even a woman. Many women are ignorant to this fact, but is that a good reason to charge more? Taking advantage of someone’s ignorance is morally corrupt. As a woman, I am not willing to pay more for products if I know they charge less for men’s products. Women are wising up to this price gouging, but I am unwilling to be a victim, so I choose not to purchase women’s products that are more expensive. However, it should cost money to create new rules if women are being taken advantage of. Try walking in my shoes. What is so ridiculous is for you to assume women like paying more, and you aren’t even a woman. And guess what, it’s not okay to take advantage of people. In a white, male-dominated society, it’s hard to think like a victim, I’m sure. Wise up and get real. Your ignorance is just plain ugly.

      • Tom Brady says:

        “I disagree with your comment that women are willing to pay more. Really? And you aren’t even a woman.” Hard to have a discussion when I can only respond to issues directly affecting my gender. Look up the word “sexist”.

        “Many women are ignorant to this fact, but is that a good reason to
        charge more? Taking advantage of someone’s ignorance is morally corrupt.” Some people choose to spend their time trying to find the best deal while others buy the first thing they see. I don’t hunt around for the cheapest gas to put in my car but I’m glad that I could if I wanted. Retailers are trying to make a profit. You seem to think the profit motive is immoral. Look around the world and see what happens when profits are outlawed. Prices go up. Selection and supply go down. Everybody loses. If you don’t believe me take a look at Venezuela or Cuba.

        “As a woman, I am not willing to pay more for products if I know they
        charge less for men’s products. Women are wising up to this price
        gouging, but I am unwilling to be a victim, so I choose not to purchase
        women’s products that are more expensive.” Amen, sister!

        “However, it should cost money to create new rules if women are being
        taken advantage of. Try walking in my shoes. What is so ridiculous is
        for you to assume women like paying more, and you aren’t even a woman.
        And guess what, it’s not okay to take advantage of people. In a white,
        male-dominated society, it’s hard to think like a victim, I’m sure. Wise
        up and get real. Your ignorance is just plain ugly.” Just when I thought you were wising up you descend to personal attacks. Sad. More rules is almost never the right answer. You choose to spend your money on products you wish to pay for but you want to deny that right to others. So are you for choice or against it? Do you really want to establish a new government “Department of Equitable Pricing”? It’s hard to see you as a “victim” when you have so many choices. Perhaps you need to look that word up as well.

  4. “And it’s not because they are like some of those over dramatic women we all know and maybe some of us are, that use their period as an excuse to get out of doing stuff they’d rather not do.”

    This is incredibly offensive to the 5-15% of women who suffer from incredibly painful period, for example due to conditions such as endometriosis. We are not overly dramatic or looking for excuses to get out of doing stuff we’d rather not do.

    • Katelyn Joell Perry says:

      She didn’t say that all women act over dramatic. She said that there are women who do. She never meant to offend anyone with an actual condition, or anyone who does have serious menstrual pains.

  5. Becca Zarza says:

    Eh, this article went from informative to just angry and off topic (third world women can’t afford menstrual protection?). So I as a woman will spend $3000 in my life for menstrual products, and they are TAXED?! So maybe I spend $300 in my whole life to the government in “pink tax”? Let’s call that $3/year. I can’t bring myself to pull out a picket sign for that.

    • Vasile Andrei says:

      oh no…
      as a man you will spend a shit ton on facial razors and you are taxed
      also you pay for alimony and child support… as men cannot abort or abandon their child in case of a “unwanted pregnancy”

      so shush

  6. Lordoomer says:

    Men have to pay for other stuff women don’t need, like videogames, condom, klennex, expensive car to flirt, pay restaurent, and be the main provider in the house or be scorned and laughed at.

  7. Ashley says:

    Women’s products do require more work and have more luxury in them than men’s do. Old navy does not have cheap clothes, Some of my best jeans come from there, they’re high quality material, far superior to any other outlet (at least any affordable one) and they’re relatively affordable and these are women’s jeans.

  8. Yezzir! says:

    There’s something called a supply and demand curve. If women care more about fashion, and buy t-shirts more frequently than men, demand rises. If supply does not rise, the price rises. If the price does not rise, inventory plummets and you get shortages.

    Also, I asked my wife why she doesn’t use my razors. She doesn’t like them because they leave her skin cut and raw. Do you ladies really want to start using Prell? I doubt it. I use my wife’s more expensive shampoo because it is better, even smells better.

  9. lee says:

    So, you take all these polls, but you refuse to point out things that men pay more for, such as CAR INSURANCE, which averages to cost more in total compared to a radiator. Now Hair products, Hair cuts, Dry cleaning, insurance, etc. Those are simple. I’ll go in order. #1 Most women pay for shampoos and conditioners for “shiny curly locks” and claim that they’re paying for more when it has SPECIALIZED INGREDIENTS in it, making it cost more. Why can’t you just buy some random shampoo? It doesn’t matter as long as it gets your hair clean, as what shampoo is meant to do. #2 Same basis. Women tend to get more stylized haircuts, go to specific barbers, and so on, meaning that it would OBVIOUSLY cost more. I just go and get it cut by some cheap barber at greatclips. It’s easy. #3 It’s all the same. Dry cleaning usually costs more because women tend to wear more delicate fabrics, which means it takes extra care to CLEAN and WASH it. #4 that’s a complete and utter lie. It’s proven that men pay on average 38% more than women for Insurance, Life and Car both. Please factcheck your writers before you have random people pointing out your flaws within your “clever” articles.

    • Vasile Andrei says:

      is only sexist if it affects women
      men are always the oppressors… and women the victims…
      simple no?

  10. Veronica Ashleigh Loucks says:

    how about go fuck yourself … make a tax for assholes, make a tax for people that work for the bastards we call government …. i am not agreeing with this .. its not women’s faults we get paid less on average ? UHH NOO … this is unfair and we cant help were female FUCK THE GOVERNMENT , FUCK TRUDEAU, FUCK ONTARIO IN THAT FACT WE PAY ENOUGH TAXES GTFO!

  11. Sileriously says:

    I agree completely, help me spread the message by sharing my video. it explains how the Pink tax is so sexist it should be charged based on international law.

  12. Minerverse says:

    The pink tax is bullsh*t. If you want razors that have a moisturizing strip of aloe and unicorn dust, and refuse to buy the cheaper generic brand, that’s your business. If you insist on buying shampoo that has a squeeze of clubbed baby seal foreskin in every bottle, you’re paying more for the luxury product. You can always buy the generic shampoo that men buy. No one is forcing you to buy the boutique product. There is no pink tax. The same products are available to men as they are to women. Stop buying pink razors with flowers, rainbows, and cutsie names like DoeTinkle™, and you will avoid the so called pink tax.

    The wage gap is bullsh*t. Women tend to work fewer hours and they also tend to favour work schedule flexibility over long full-time hours. Women aren’t paid less, they earn less. If you work 18 hours a work at $12 an hour, and I work 28 hours at $12 an hour, I’m going to earn more than you. And so I should, I worked longer than you. This ‘paid less for the SAME job’ isn’t remotely true. If you’re stupid enough to do 6th grade maths of finding the average of ALL women (no matter what job they do), and ALL men (ditto), then sure, you’re going to get a gap. But if you do a proper (like for like) statistical analysis, the gap all but disappears. In fact, in some demographics (never married singles without kids in their 30s), women out earn men. You can’t do 6th grade maths and expect to learn anything remotely pertinent about the difference in how men and women are paid. That is unless you’re an ideologue who has a preferred narrative to push. This has been debunked a million times and frankly it’s getting tiresome.

    • Kenetrice Nichole Jones says:

      Well, how about when we work the exact same job, with the exact same education and experience level, but I am paid $12 an hour and you are paid $16 an hour? Per hour wage has nothing to do with the amount of hours you work. Men will say anything to avoid admitting that women really are paid less than they are even when the job is the same. Women are paid LESS PER HOUR for absolutely no reason other than their boss noticed they had a set of tits so they must be stupid and less capable of working. Jesus Christ!! Stop dancing around the truth and address it head on.

      • Minerverse says:

        Read Thomas Sowell. He explains why women earn less. Women are not paid less. They work fewer hours, and are more likely to do part time work. When you control for demographic factors; e.g never married, no children, college education, etc, women slightly out earn men of their own demographic. It’s not my fault you’re ignorant. Please do your home work before condescending to speak to me again.

  13. Ñu says:

    Where you referring to the lack of stuff for the menstruation that you said “sorry”
    or is the word “menstruate” really make you cringe?
    Bc if the second thing is the one you wanted to express, let me tell you that you are very pathetic. Do we all have to be embarrased of our bodies? Fuck off, can’t believe you are a woman. How can you write about this things and say sorry bc you wrote menstruate?

  14. Saint Kickolas YT says:

    The thing is. Especially when it comes to skincare. Women say they need more. All these major shampoo brands talk about all these chemicals and ingredients used, the list of stuff they put is bigger than the men shampoo version. Men’s deodarent is normally just “smells like coffee, and has about ten ingerediesnt said in it. Also, keep away from fire.”
    Women’s deodarent will be something like “it protects your skin and smells nice, with our most advanced formula, pro care pro lift stimulift and loads more chemicals used, and gives you a fresh feeling.”
    Men also have tougher skin and different collagen bonds giving their skin a different texture.
    Women have softer skin so when they shave, they’re skin just naturally requires more care, same with their hair, so they need more protective razors and foam, otherwise they will bleed a lot easier.

    I can’t see how no one has thought of the fact that women have this thing where they pay that little bit more for that extra bit of comfort, or ease, I don’t blame women because with things like bikes the saddles are always softer on women’s bikes and the whole bike is easier to get onto and ride.

    So to wrap it up, women spend more on some stuff because of they have different and more specific “requirements”.

  15. Vasile Andrei says:

    moronic article
    all women products that are more expensive are so because they use better quality or more ingredients that men’s products

    you don’t like that your woman shampoo uses almost twice the amount of ingredients than a cheaper men’s shampoo?

    buy the men’s shampoo next time and look in the mirror after your hair dries
    you don’t like it?
    yeah… blame biology, your hair is different than men’s hair… and your skin is different, and the products for women are more expensive because they offer better quality

    also the same goes for baby products, they are more expensive than adult products because… they offer better quality

    you are not FORCED to use women products… use men’s and if you like it, keep using them
    and stop blaming the society for your own CHOICES
    playing eternal victims makes all women look weak

    shame that feminists cannot stop blaming everyone but themselves for their own choices in life
    gender “pay gap” anyone?
    yeah… another lie… they should label it “gender work hours gap”….

  16. Ricktt says:

    Ok there is some truth to this granted. But in many cases it’s because women are willing to pay more. If a pink disposable razor cost more than the blue one why not just buy the blue one? I also don’t see the author complaining about the male tax where the man is supposed to pay for all the dates when dating, or I don’t see women complaining about getting free drinks or lower price or free cover to bars when guys are paying more? How about the perception that the man is supposed to work 12 hours a day in most affluent households but it’s ok for the woman to stay home? How about the perception that it’s ok for a man to wear 3 pair of shoes all year but the woman is free to buy 30 and that’s just part of being a woman.

    If you look a life trying to find a “problem” you can find one either real or perceived in everything you look at. Be the “glass half full” person and see everything in a positive manner and life is a lot more enjoyable than going around looking for the cause of the day to trumpet.

  17. Zach A. says:

    I know this is an old article but I had to point this out. The reason the “pink tax” exists is because women’s products are made differently. Razors are made to have thinner blades and move more for women to save their legs, arms, etc., while men usually only shave their face. Women’s soap is usually made with a fragrance and are made to be less rough on skin. These extra ingredients are what makes it cost more.Most laundromats that iron clothes use an inflatable model of a human body that expands I side the clothing to make the clothes form the shape they would on your body. They then iron the clothes while they are on the mold. Women’s clothes cost more to iron because many of them have different designed than men’s shirts, men’s shirts are usually a suit or are plain shirt, while women’s shirts can be dresses, have straps, can have bits dangeling off, and other differences that make them harder to iron while on the mold, and as such need to be done by individually by hand. These differences from men’s to women’s product are the reasons for the “pink tax”. Nothing is stopping women from using men’s products, or men from using women’s products. The only thing that would stop anybody from buying the other genders products is the difference in quality. So don’t be surprised, if you buy a men’s razor, that you cut yourself on accident more often.

  18. will moody says:

    Okay ladies, Jock itch cream is the same as athletes foot cream but cost more because of the area of the problem. Read the ingredients.

  19. Eugene Krause says:

    I can agree with most of this. Although, a “blue tax” exists as well as already mentioned by other people (car insurance). One other thing, though. This is not totally related, but just a tad bit of information. The reason you think women’s products smell like crap to women is the same reason men’s products smell like crap to men. They are deigned to be attractive to the opposite sex. You might not like the smell of strawberries and the other chemicals in there, but a lot of men secretly do. I’m often confused by the smell of cologne, but it’s a multi-million dollar industry designed by scientists that know what they are doing and a lot of women do find it attractive.

  20. Here’s an idea, get mens products. No one is forcing you to get those womens, “plus size jeans” so why do you complain that it costs more? Also, the car thing can easily be avoided by A research, as you said, and B going with companies that can be trusted, sure it will probably cost more, but that’s what happens when you don’t research, not just a problem for woman, but for everyone. Finally, regarding the haircuts. Assuming a man and a woman got the same haircut, at the same place, while having the same volume and thickness of hair, do you honestly believe the woman would just randomly be charged more because misogyny? The majority of cosmetologists I’ve dealt with are woman, are they sexist towards women as well. Your argument simply does not make sense. There were a few good points in there I can’t deny, but the majority seemed like it was geared to suggestive, like-mindid people (so does the title) instead of having an honest debate about it. You yourself admit that most people don’t know what this is, so how can we come to a solution about a problem the majority of people don’t even think exists? It’s simply irrational. To clarify, this isn’t me saying sexism isn’t a real problem in the world, hell, even in the western world sexism contineus to be a problem to some extent. What I’m saying is, instead of complaining about these non issues, we should focus our attention on the real ones. Thank you for reading this long maelstrom of a comment. If you want to have an honest debate about this issue, please feel free to email me. Have a great day and remember, tax is tax, no matter what colour. :)

  21. JoeD says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity of people who believe in something like a “pink tax.” Honestly, this is the kind of populace you produce when you have a school system that can’t bother to teach even a remedial course in economics. For one, the wage gap has been so thoroughly debunked that mentioning it is right up there with believing in a flat Earth. I pity you if you think that there is something nefarious going on. There’s not. You’re simply too ignorant to understand economics and simply demonizing people is far easier for you than having to take a moment away from Game of Thrones or some other shit to learn something outside your comfort zone. Easier to just blame sexism, racism, greed, or whatever stupid explanation you can come up with for the perceived wrongs you’ve created in the world.

  22. Mihaita George says:

    How long till this social cancer dies?

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