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Mike Uberti is a personal finance writer, researcher, and municipal government policy analyst and project manager. His passion for the almighty dollar was sparked by a graduate course he took in college. Since then, he's used that knowledge to successfully fund his education, buy a home, and save for retirement. Mike received a Masters in City Planning from UC Berkeley and lives with his wife in Oakland, California. In his free time, he contributes to his IRA.

4 Simple Money Skills to Own In Your 20’s (and Beyond!)

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Life comes at you fast. Everything can change quickly and money is the conduit that flows through it all. We’ve boiled down the basics of personal finance into four simple money skills to set you on a path to success for your 20’s and beyond.

What Is a Mortgage? Knowing This Could Save You Thousands

What Is a Mortgage? Knowing This Could Save You Thousands

Mortgages are one of the most common tools people use to purchase a home. It’s an emotional investment; where you live, where your kids go to school, how much you can spend each month, are all tied to your mortgage. A typical mortgage contains hundreds of pages of legal jargon. When you mix money, emotions, and stacks of paperwork, it’s crucial you know the basics.

The 4% Rule: Is It the Superior Retirement Planning Strategy?

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Planning, discipline, and, of course, saving are all needed to fund a retirement. But what happens when it’s time to retire? How much can you spend each year? How can you make sure you don’t run out of all the money you saved?

The CD Ladder: An Easy, Reliable Way to Grow Your Savings

CD ladder

A healthy savings account should be a pillar of your personal finance toolbox. But letting your money sit around for a rainy day can be frustrating. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to keep our money working for us. CD ladders are an easy way to get a return on your savings without sacrificing security.

How to Make Money On Amazon: 14 Profitable Ways to Do It This Year

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There is more then one way to make make money on Amazon and retail arbitrage is one of them. I know, it sounds pretty badass. We’ll teach you how.

Credible Review: A Quick, Easy Way to Find and Compare Loans

Credible Review:  A Quick, Easy Way to Find and Compare Loans

Credible makes comparing loan offers easier than ever with loan marketplaces designed around the borrower’s experience. In this Credible review, we’ll walk you through how Credible works, what types of loans you can access, and whether Credible is right for you.

What Is the 30 Day Rule (Stop Impulse Buying with This Simple Trick)?

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Do you tend to add things to your cart without thinking about it? We’re all guilty of it from time to time. Whether it’s at the grocery store check-out or surfing the web, it’s easier than ever to spend your money without batting an eye. These purchases have a particular name – impulse buys – and they could be dragging down your finances. If you’ve had a regrettable experience (or more than one), we recommend trying the 30 Day Rule to curb your spending.

Safe Withdrawal Rate: 4 Simple Strategies for Successful Retirement

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Retirement used to mean a gold watch and pension. Times change. Today, retirement for most people is driven by an investment portfolio. But building your nest egg is only one part of the equation. It comes down to one question when you’re ready to retire: how do you manage it?

How to Build Credit: 5 Easy Ways That Are Working Great This Year

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If you don’t understand how to build credit, you’re leaving money on the table. I’m going to show you tactics that will improve your standing with lenders. Simply put, if you want lower interest rates and higher credit limits, you’ll love this post. Let’s get started.

How to Write a One-Page Business Plan: 6 Simple Steps for Success

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Have you heard of an elevator pitch? It’s a simple concept. If you have a good business idea, you should be able to pitch it to potential investors during a quick elevator trip (think 20-30 seconds). Not too many details, not too much fluff. Just a concise, easy-to-understand summary. Drafting a one-page business plan follows the same logic. This post will show you how.

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