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how to build credit without a credit card

How To Build Credit Without A Credit Card

These days it’s like a rite of passage to ask the question, “How do I build credit without a credit card?”  You might get a response like “Wait, you didn’t get solicited for a credit card in college?!?” or “You’ll have to pay a yearly fee to a credit card company for the honor of building credit.

Chances are though that you didn’t get solicited for a credit card in college and if you’re like me, paying for a credit card is against your financial religion.

That brings us to the chicken and egg scenario – I don’t have credit because I don’t have a credit card and I can’t get a credit card because I don’t have credit.  If you’re young and have had no chance to build credit or are not from the US, building credit is a real problem. Finally, there is a solution! It’s time to learn how to build credit without a credit card.

Build Credit Though Rent Payments

If you don’t have credit, I would be willing to bet that the single largest expense you have right now is rent.  You’ve got to pay it every month to keep your landlord happy and not evict you or make your life miserable.

It’s been pretty unfair that the single largest expense you make every month doesn’t get counted.  If it was counted you would be able to build a killer credit history in about two years!

Enter  They’ve just started a service where they will make sure that you build credit when you pay your rent on time. They communicate directly with the credit reporting companies, making it mutually beneficial for renters and landlords to participate.

Obviously renters would love to have their rent checks count towards their credit and now knowing that they do, they will be more mindful about making their payments on time and for the complete monthly balance.  Landlords love this service because evicting a renter is very difficult and the last thing they want to do is have to be actively involved in a renter relationship, trying to coax them to pay.  When renters pay in full and on time, landlords are happy. will even go a step further and allow you to count two years of previous rent history towards your credit.  This is huge for people who need credit in the short term or are are looking to buy a house soon.  Two years of rent is a significant amount of money and a solid record of paying it on time in your credit report can dramatically raise your credit rating.

Future You Will Be Thankful

In order to have coordinate credit for your rental payments, it will cost you $9.95 a month (for as long as you want their service). You may be skeptical because it’s not free but you have to look at the bigger picture.

Say you were about to purchase a home for $250,000.  These days a great credit rating for a 30 year mortgage will net you roughly 3.375% where as an average credit rating will net you about 3.550%.  Over 30 years the difference  in your  mortgage will cost you $12,357, however for two years of credit history that helped you save over $12,000 it will only cost you $238.80.

Even better, will log your previous two years of rental history for $34.95 basically allowing you to do one of two things.  Either save over 85% and only log your past two years (which would help you immensely)  OR go for something like 4 years of credit history making your rating extremely solid for a savings of 61% (if you go monthly for two years and get your prior two years logged).

Since you’re reading this, I’m sure you know how difficult it can be to build credit, especially good credit. There are two things that are important: 1) You don’t waste money on a service like if you don’t think you need it and 2) You do the calculations for yourself and determine the most cost effective choice for you.

If you have bad credit or no credit, this $9/month can go quite a long way toward fixing your situation so it’s something to consider. The cost of bad credit is much higher than you think.

Have you tried or a similar service to build credit without a credit card? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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