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Save Money Without Cramping Your Life with Joel Larsgaard

Updated on March 23, 2020 Updated on March 23, 2020
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Joel Larsgaard
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Joel Larsgaard from Save Outside the Box shows us easy ways to save money without giving up the things you love.

Joel used to be budget adverse. His theory was “bring in more than you spend and don’t buy nice things.” But now with a baby in the mix, Joel wanted to save more while not giving up the things he loves in life, good beer, folk art and travel.

Those are his “big three.” Think of all the things you spend money on. Now choose three that you aren’t willing to compromise. Everything else on the list is a place to cut money.

You need things to look forward to or saving money becomes drudgery.

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Planning a road trip? Is there a bus company in your city that provides transportation? Companies like Megabus charge as little as $1 if you book far enough in advance. You don’t pay for gas, you avoid wear and tear on your car, they have free Wifi so you can watch a movie, do some work, or even just go low tech and read a book rather than paying attention to the road.

How is Megabus $1? Do they put you in the glove compartment?

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Cell phones are a place where almost anyone can save money. T-Mobile will now pay the fee to break your contract with another carrier. They also have no roaming charges in more than 120 countries. No more jailbreaking your phone or having to buy a foreign SIM card. Republic Wireless offers contracts for as little as $5 although most plans people are interested in range from $25-40. Spend the 15 minutes to investigate a few options and you could save a few hundred dollars a year.

DIY pest control. Depending on your situation, you don’t need to pay $70 a quarter for an exterminator. You can buy your own supplies online for the same $70 or so and have enough equipment to handle it yourself for at least a year.

So as Joel advises, when it comes to saving money, think outside the box. We’ll have him back soon for more easy tips you might not have considered.

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Show Notes

SaveOutsideTheBox.com: Joel’s site devoted to find extra money in places you haven’t considered.

Megabus: A nearly nation-wide low cost transportation option.

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