Handling Money in Your Relationship

Relationships are hard. Add money to the picture and in many cases that’s a recipe for disaster. Seven out of ten couples report that money causes tension in their relationship. That may be why so many couples avoid the topic entirely.

Ignoring it won’t make it go away. Discussing money in any meaningful way with your significant other needs to happen early and often. Values, goals, and behaviors related to money all need to be talked about in order to make good financial choices as a family.

Handling Money in Your Relationship

What You Will Learn

  • Getting your significant other on board
  • How to talk about money
  • How to handle money disagreements
  • Managing money together and separately
  • Creating and reaching goals together

Your Money Mixtape

This playlist cuts to the heart of the problems that occur with money in a relationship. We’ll teach you ways to detect problems before they happen and the best way to resolve them so everybody is happy. Being on the same page is the key to reaching your financial goals.

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