Allison Karrels ~ Rental Expert

Allison Karrels - Rental Expert
I am very excited to join the LMM team. I love learning everything I can about personal finance and real estate. I have purchased several rental properties in Florida and will continue to buy more properties until I can retire early and live off the rental income streams.

I am also a nurse, military spouse, mother to a little guy, and runner. I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree in nursing.

Is Buying a House a Good Investment? It Depends…

buying a home

Buying a house has long been a staple of the American dream but is buying a home always a good investment? It depends.

Investment Property 101 – Part One: Are You Ready To Be A Landlord?

investment property landlord

This is the first in a four-part series explaining how to buy an investment property, teach you to generate passive income and how to be a landlord.

Investment Property 101 – Part Two: The Math Behind Investing

investment property math

The money and math behind investing in real estate. If you want to buy an investment property you will need to be able to do some basic math.

Investment Property 101 – Part Three: The Power of Leverage

investment property leverage

Before buying an investment property, you need financing. Using leverage is simply using other people’s money to make more money for you. 

Investment Property 101 -Part Four: Forming A Real Estate Team

investment property team

If you want to an investment property, forming a killer real estate team will make the process easier.

How To Evaluate A Property Manager

choose property manager

In my last series we discussed becoming a land lord. Now we look at ways to find the best property management company so you can be a hands off land lord.

Toilets, Termites, Taxes – The Trouble with Owning Rental Properties!

owning rental properties

The road to real estate riches can be paved with problems. Tenants, toilets, termites, and taxes can all conspire to eat into your returns.

Buying Rental Property – Single Family or Multifamily?

buying rental property

We’ve written about becoming a landlord in a previous series. Now we look at the pros and cons of single family homes versus multifamily rental property.

Ready to Buy a House? Mortgage Basics

Ready to Buy a House? Mortgage Basics

There are so many different kinds of mortgages. Learn mortgage basics so you can decide what type is best for your situation.

2015 Financial Goals


I want to share my family’s financial goals and plan to reach them for 2015. To drift is hell, to steer heaven. Which will you do in 2015 money wise?

The 4% Rule Vs Real Estate

4% Rule

A recent discussion started on the Listen Money Matters Community site that got me thinking how does the 4% stand up to real estate investing.

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