Perfect is the Enemy of Good
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Perfect is the enemy of good when it comes to  trying to improve.  Dwelling too much on minutia hurts the overall result.

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start investing?  Right job, $1000 to start with, after the holidays.  You know what would be better than that?  Investing. There is no more perfect time than right now.  

We have too many choices and too many sources of information.  This can be paralyzing.  Should you invest with Betterment, ShareBuilder, E-Trade, Van Guard?  What do my co-workers think, my family, Reddit?  How can I decide anything before consulting /r/personalfinance?

You can spend weeks researching all this and you know how much money that will make you, none.  If you just made the leap, you might already be up a few bucks.  We don’t advocate doing no research but there comes a point when too much is well, too much.  JUST PICK SOMETHING!  Ugh, like Krusty would say it.

Nothing gets accomplished if you never get started.

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How do you overcome this quest for perfection when it comes to money and anything else in your life, really?  Just start.  Don’t go out and buy any supplies, you don’t need fancy graph paper to make a budget, you can do it on the bank of an envelope.

You don’t need to research and hire a “financial adviser” to start investing.  Open a Betterment account.  You don’t need to be kitted out in Lululemon to start running.  A good pair of shoes is all it takes.

The perfect moment will never come and even if it does, it will come later than now.

Show Notes

Maine Root Blueberry Soda:  If you’re a hipster, this is the soda for you, unless you prefer RC Cola in an ironic fashion.

Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale:  A fruity, summer beer.

The Lean Startup:  A book about getting the bare bones product out, listen to feedback and improve.



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