How to Become a Millionaire and Get Rich the Right Way

Wondering how to become a millionaire? The only secret is that there is no fast way to do it. Getting rich takes time and committment but it’s possible.

Lessons From Self-Made Millionaires

Even though the most difficult part of becoming a millionaire is getting started, that dream of becoming financially successful is not out of reach.

How to Make a Million Dollars: Lessons From Self-Made Millionaires

We’ve had more than a few self-made millionaires on Listen Money Matters. They did it and you can too. Let’s see what we can learn from self-made millionaires on how to make a million dollars. 

Better Know A Millionaire With Matt Shoup

It’s been a while but we are back with our Better Know a Millionaire segment and today the guys talk to entrepreneur, speaker and house painter Matt Shoup.

Better Know a Millionaire with Adam Dicker

We haven’t done one of these in awhile! Better Know a Millionaire is back to see if the other 1% really live that differently to the rest of us.

Better Know a Millionaire with Nellie Akalp

In our ongoing series, Better Know a Millionaire, we interview Nellie Akalp to discuss the legalities involved in incorporating your own business.

Better Know a Millionaire with Jordan Harbinger from Art of Charm

Today we get to know millionaire Jordan Harbinger of Art of Charm where ordinary guys become extraordinary gentlemen.

Better Know a Millionaire with Jim Wang from Wallet Hacks

Jim Wang became a millionaire through his finance blog Bargaineering. We talk about how much he sold the site for, how he invests and what he’s up to now.

Better Know A Millionaire with Brenton Hayden

We interview Brenton Hayden to learn how he retired at 27, how he manages his money now, and what he does now that he’s not in an office everyday.

Money For The Rest of Us Millionaire J. David Stein

J David Stein talks to us about how he acquired his wealth, how he currently invests, what he does for income in early retirement and his love for travel.

Better Know a Millionaire with Michael Epstein

Michael Epstein became a millionaire by the age of thirty. Michael will tell us how he did it and how you can too.

Better Know a Millionaire with Laurie Itkin

Learn lessons from millionaire Laurie Itkin in our “Better Know a Millionaire” show. Laurie explains how she became a millionaire before the age of 40.

Robo-Advisor Fees: 11 Investment Services and How They Stack Up

Robo-advisors are a digital, low-cost alternative to a traditional financial advisor. As with any investment platform, fees can make all the difference. This post examines robo-advisor costs, including management fees and expense ratios, and how they vary based on your needs.

The Robo-Advisor: What They Are and How Investing Got Easier

Before creating robo-advisors, your investment options were either to hire a financial advisor for a “small” fee or to research and pick the funds yourself. Now there’s another way. Robo-advisors have become increasingly popular. But why should you consider using one?

16 Safe Investments to Guide You in the Storm

If you’ve been paying attention to the outside world, it’s a scary time for everyone. The stock market seems to jump all over the place daily. Some people have a high-risk tolerance, but a lot of us just want to know how we can ride out this storm with some low-risk investments.

The Minimum Variance Portfolio: Reduce Risk and Optimize Your Returns

We talk a lot about the importance of diversification, asset allocation, and portfolio construction at Listen Money Matters. Throughout it all, you may have heard the term “minimum variance portfolio” tossed around. What the heck is that? This post will explain.

Stash Invest Review: Digital Investing for the Next Generation?

Investing gets easier with each passing generation. Mobile apps, index funds, and reduced minimums have lowered the barrier to entry. Despite these facts, only an […]

Learn How to Start a Blog That Earns over $400k a year

When you Google “How to Start a Blog” all of the results are identical and generally pretty terrible. They only show you the 5 baby steps to getting started. Five years ago, I wanted someone to give me the actual answers. This is me hailing from the future to give you exactly that. I call it internet justice.

How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky

We all want to get rich. If you want to know how to get rich without getting lucky, Twitter can teach you. We break down the Twitter thread that went viral.

5 Questions: Raising Rich Kids, Hiring Help and A $2 Million Inheritance

We get some interesting questions from our listeners, and we like to address them on the podcast so the answers can help anyone who might […]

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