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Recovering From A Burnout

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Burnout can happen to the best of us. Even those of us at Listen Money Matters. But you can bounce back. A break and a few deep breaths and back on track.

Job burn out is not uncommon. Especially for vacation deprived Americans. But we can’t all quit and go live on the beach. So we have to recover somehow.

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You may have noticed that LMM went from three episodes a week to one. Andrew just hit the wall to be honest. As most of you know, he works a full time job in addition to LMM. He also puts a lot of pressure on himself to get the best product he can out.

Well, that is a recipe for burn out and that’s what happened.

If you start to feel burn out coming on, the first step is to only do what is absolutely essential. Let the rest of it fall away. You can pick up the non-essential stuff when you get some equilibrium back.

Have a cut off time, especially if you work from home. After X hour, you don’t do anything work related, no calls, no e-mails. You do something you enjoy, make dinner, go for a walk, spend time with your family.

I let the laptop creep into areas of life it should never have crept.

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If your work is largely mental, go out and do some physical work sometimes. Chop wood, build a bookcase, rake some leaves. That kind of physical tired is so different from mental tired. It feels better and makes you sleep better.

Take a vacation! Lie and say you’re going to a silent retreat and cell phones and lap top are banned. Tell them you’re studying indigenous tribes somewhere remote and there is no wi-fi. Just make something up that allows you to have an undisturbed break. The damn place won’t crumble without you.

The little steps you take to head off a total melt down, will be better for you, your job, and your employer in the long term.

Show Notes

Ybor Brown Ale: A malt forward brown ale.

Abita Purple Haze: A rasberry flavored lager.

PS: Andrew is needing a bit of love you guys. Can you please take a moment and drop him an email at [email protected] and let him know that we will riot en masse if LMM dies?

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