Now's your chance.

Make meaningful improvements to your finances every week.

Now's your chance.

Make meaningful improvements to your finances every week.

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Get Paid To Blog with Cat Alford of Budget Blonde

Want to get paid to blog? Cat Alford will talk to us about her very lucrative career doing just that.

Cat from Budget Blonde joins us to discuss her path to becoming a successful blogger.

Cat started her blog as a hobby while working full time. Soon after she got her first free lance client, $10 a post. Well, you have to start somewhere! Cat now averages $150 a post. She hustled hard, attending conferences, sending three pitch e-mails a day most days until she built up a solid client base.

FinCon is a big personal finance conference and that is where Cat found a lot of clients. She made notes on each person she spoke with so that when she returned home, she could reach out to them in a personal way.

For Cat, the cold pitch e-mails were more successful than finding jobs on free lance boards. On the boards you will be competing and even if you get the job, a few days later, you might be under cut by a lower bid and the job will be yanked.

Despite making six figures, Cat still only works 25-30 hours a week! She makes the time count though. When you work for yourself, you don’t mess around on Facebook so much.

Your 80% is most people's 100%.

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Cat now has a course containing 29 videos teaching people how to become successful bloggers. As a special offer to the LMM audience, use the code MONEYMATTERS on the sales page and get 15% off the cost of the course.

If you want to work this way, protect yourself from non-payment by clients. Cat requires a deposit, charges a 5% fee if payment is late, and makes sure to always get a physical address for clients. Because she is now working with corporate clients, she uses a contract.

It’s possible to make money blogging but you’ve got to hustle. Cat can teach you how!

Show Notes

Budget Blonde: Cat’s money blog.

Mint: The easy way to budget.

Betterment: The smart way to invest.

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  • Love that you interviewed Cat! I love her blog so I’m definitely going to have to listen to the show!

  • Cheval John

    This was an awesome interview with Cat Alford. She is the real deal. Will aim to implement her advice.

  • I am French and English is my second language but shouldn’t we say : “Your 80% is most people 100%” instead of “You’re (you are) 80% is most people 100%” ?

    • I am referring to the BIG quote that you want us to Tweet. (By the way, love your podcast and the beers you are drinking guys)