This Financial Life With Corey

This Financial Life With Corey
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We like to check in with our listeners and see how their financial life is going. Today we will take a look at This Financial Life with Corey. We will show him how to make more money by starting a music teaching business.

Corey lives in the Boston Area, and he sure is a hustler. He currently, works six different jobs throughout the year and has been saving as much as he can to improve his financial life. One of his gigs is teaching private lessons on trombone, and he wants to expand that to make it a full-time business.

Right now he has two students but doesn’t know how to grow his side gig. On this episode, Andrew and Thomas will go through the steps of legitimizing and marketing a side project like Corey’s.

Corey’s Financial Life

Corey neglected his finances for many years, ignoring his debt, forgetting payments and spending money recklessly. After spending the good part of his four years at college majoring in video games, parties, and girls, he left with student loan debt, no degree and depression.

At 22, his financial situation was pretty bleak. He spent a summer without a job making the debt and depression even worse. Corey ended up in a mental hospital over Thanksgiving weekend where he experienced a sort of a financial epiphany.  When he was released, he knew he could never let himself get that low again.

Corey is taking the first steps to improving this financial life. He is getting his spending under control with a  30-day money crunch so he can save a meaningful amount of money. What he is still struggling with is being too emotional about finances and getting too close-minded when it comes to ways to improve his situation.

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