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You’re Not Going to Make Money Without Doing The Work

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do the work

I am reading a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I read this book before, and I didn’t like it. However, it was suggested to me that I read it again.

This time around, my opinion of the book was completely different. I think, looking back on it, I had read the book too early in my life. I needed to be a few months older, and more mature in my career to really appreciate it.

Since I started working on Listen Money Matters, I’ve learned a lot about personal finance. I learned how to save money, how to budget, how to invest, how to get out of debt, and a whole slew of other important things about money. However, there is one thing that still perplexes some, and even myself, and that’s how to MAKE money.

How do you make money?

As I write this, I’m sitting in a Starbucks. I’m writing. I’m doing work. I don’t feel inspired to write this, I just have to write because I’m sitting at a Starbucks with my Laptop among college students. I showed up, I put on my gym shorts, I’m here to work.


I think I figured out the secret to making money. Like Steven Pressfield says in his book, just do the work.

I’ve spent a lot of hours talking about personal finance on the podcast, and it baffles me when people ask about investing. I believe some still want to know “the secret” to making money in the stock market. They want the easy way. They want the money now! I know this because I used to be this way. This is why MLM schemes are so popular. This is why I’ve been suckered by so many. I’m always looking for the easy, fast buck.

There is no easy way. You have to do the work.

I get asked about investing in real estate. There are people making money by buying properties and renting them out. Sounds so easy. Sure, just buy a house! Get that 20% down, renovate, be a landlord. Do you know that it takes work to do that? It takes some serious capital! I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t do it, but remember…There is no easy way. You have to do the work.

If you want to invest and make more money, it all starts with work. You have to show up at your job, you have to create that thing to sell, you have to record a podcast, you have to do SOMETHING to get that paper.

If you think that there is a secret, if you think that you’ll buy your way into riches (via a lottery ticket or a winning stock), you’ll be extremely disappointed that you wasted all that time chasing an invisible prize.

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Stop looking for the easy way. You have to do the work.

It’s so easy to spend money. In today’s world, a swipe of plastic can allow you to have anything you want. Debt is so easy, and it’s so available. That’s why so many people are in debt. It’s fucking easy!

Buying a stock is easy, buying a lottery ticket is easy, playing blackjack is easy.

Budgeting is hard work! Getting out of debt is hard work! Making real money is hard work! Sounds like if it’s hard, it’s probably worth doing.

Don’t do it because it’s easy, do it because it’s hard. You have to do the work!

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