101: More Fun Less Money

This is part of the Living Cheap Without Being Cheap course.

Living Cheap Without Being Cheap

Since when are two movies tickets and a popcorn fifty bucks? Having fun can put a strain on your wallet but not everything has to cost you your first born. There are plenty of fun and free things to do if you are a little creative. Before dropping a ton of cash at the bar again, take a look at this class to see what you can do without spending a ton.

And remember, the best things in life are free.

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Lesson 1: 26 Fun Things To Do For Free on Saturday Night

Looking to save money this weekend? I've created a list of 27 free things to do any weekend you want, with family and friends, or just by yourself.

Lesson 2: Cheap Summer Fun

After a long, miserable winter, summer is finally here. There is no better time of year for having fun on the cheap. Get the most out of your summer.

Lesson 3: Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Dating can be expensive, but dinner and a movie gets expensive and boring pretty fast. Here are 16 inexpensive date ideas that you can do with your partner.

Lesson 4: Boozing on a Budget

If there are two things we love: saving money and having a few drinks. Let us teach you how to best combine these two loves into a great night out.

Lesson 5: Just the Tips

Tipping. Who, when, how much and how do you calculate it? Today we help you make sure your wait staff is not spitting in your food.

Lesson 6: Easy Ways To Save Money Eating Out

Here are a few tricks to help you save when you eat out so you can go out more often and feel less guilty. You could save up to 60% before you arrive!