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The Most Productive Thing You Can Do is Ignore The Numbers

Too much data and information is a bad thing when it comes to investing. Stop stressing and start investing!

Leave the Millenials Alone!

The Millenials I know are smart. They are hard working. They bought the bill of goods the Boomers sold them.

Shutting Out the Personal Finance Cacophony

Let’s block out the noise and find what you need to tackle your finances once and for all.

How Listen Money Matters Totally Changed My Life

When I got fired from my marketing job in the pool industry and broke up with my beautiful, but emotionally draining girlfriend, I was fucking miserable.

Learning How to Conquer Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep can show itself in many forms and start, then spiral out of control. Recognizing it is the first step to conquering it.

You’re Not Going to Make Money Without Doing The Work

There is one thing that still perplexes some, and even myself, and that’s how to MAKE money. How do you make money?

How to Travel The World Like a Cheap Bastard

Travel is at the top of many people’s financial wish list, but if cost is holding you back, let me help you travel for way less than you imagined.

17 Ways to Clean Your Home on a Budget

Unless you’re a neck bearded basement dweller, we all want to live in a clean home. Here are some ways to keep your house clean, cheap, and healthy.

6 Major Factors Make Up Your Credit Score?

A credit score is a 3-digit number that ranges from 300-850. It’s used by financial companies to decide how likely you will pay back money they lent you.

16 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Dating can be expensive, but dinner and a movie gets expensive and boring pretty fast. Here are 16 inexpensive date ideas that you can do with your partner.

How I Stay Productive (Even on The Shitty Days)

Learn in this article how I set myself up for a productive day. The goal is to not let your day get shitty by setting yourself up for productivity.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Groceries on a Budget

If you’re looking for a way to save money, your shopping trolley is one of the easiest places to cut your spending.

The Betterment Experiment – August 2014 Update

I have incredibly high expectations and on the face Betterment looks like an excellent option. As it turns out, it’s better than what I expected.

Crowdsourced Rap Video about Personal Finance Blogging

What happens when you get 20 personal finance bloggers to submit webcam videos of themselves lip syncing an original rap song about blogging?

How To Save Money In Your First Apartment

Moving into your first place is exciting and daunting. It has to be balanced with a limited budget, both in furnishing your place and living there.