The Financial Toolbox

These are the resources we use to manage our money like badasses. We will constantly update this list to make sure it represents the best of the best. If you disagree, send us an email and educate us.

We’re smart so we’ve built a relationship with some of our favorite companies on this list. As a result, we’ve been able to support our creative habits through referrals at no cost to you. We greatly appreciate you using these links if you’re going to try one of the sites below – it helps us keep the lights on.

Books That We've Written

The Investment Tools We Use

Crush Debt through Refinancing and Automation

All Kinds of Cards That Get Us Excited

We love credit cards - as long as they're used and paid off every month. These are our favorites. We also have a huge list of banks we hate. The ones you'll find on this list are surprisingly lovable. Find the details below.

Budget like a Pro

Badass Productivity Tools

We're all about productivity and read about it obsessively. It's hard to strike the right balance of "just enough tools" and we think we've got it. Each of these tools does something amazing for our lives that helps us get that much more done per day.

Books We Recommend

Tools for Website and Podcast Creation

We like to Eat the Good Stuff

Traveling the Right Way