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Extreme Productivity Tips with Mike Vardy from Work Flow and Productivityist (Ep. 214)

Wish you could get more done in your day? Mike Vardy from Productivityist joins us to share tips on how to optimize your time and get shit done.

  • Episodes and Show Notes

    Extreme Productivity Tips with Mike Vardy from Work Flow and Productivityist (Ep. 214)

    Wish you could get more done in your day? Mike Vardy from Productivityist joins us to share tips on how to optimize your time and get shit done.

    Exploring the Investor Mind Set (Ep. 213)

    If you’re not an investor they can seem like a different species. But they’re human too, we’ll discuss what makes them different from the rest of us.

    Are We Loving Our Kids Too Much with Adam Carroll (Ep. 212)

    We first met Adam when he came on to talk about his movie about college loan debt. He’s back to discuss loving our kids too much.

    5 Questions: Refinancing, HSA’s, and First Home Mortgages (Ep. 211)

    We answer five of our listener’s questions about loan refinancing, HSA’s, and first home mortgages.

    How to Find Cheap Flights with Nathaniel Boyle from The Daily Travel Podcast (Ep. 210)

    Wish you could travel more but think it’s too expensive? Nathaniel Boyle has devoted his life to travel and will teach us how to do it on the cheap.

    Surround Yourself with Financial Friends (Ep. 209)

    Do you have financial friends? If you don’t, you should get some. Being around liked minded people will help to smooth your personal finance path.

    Expensive Taste May Be Prohibiting Your Financial Growth (Ep. 208)

    Champagne tastes hurting your wealth building? Unless you’re a Russian oligarch, the answer may be yes. We like nice things even if we can’t afford them.

    Travel Across America for Free with Rob Greenfield (Ep. 207)

    Rob Greenfield is an adventurer and environmentalist who’s mission is to teach people to be happier with less and to make yourself and the earth happier.

    Negotiating, Side Hustling and Student Loan Debt with Stephanie Halligan (Ep. 206)

    Fellow Best New Blog winner Stephanie Halligan talks to us about student loan debt, negotiating and Matt’s favorite, the side hustle.

    What the F**k is Bankruptcy with Steve Rhode (Ep. 205)

    We get a lot of questions about bankruptcy at LMM but it’s a complicated subject so we brought expert Steve Rhode to help explain the fine details.

    The Indomitable Investor with Steve Sears (Ep. 204)

    Why do so few succeed in the stock market and so many fail? We interview the man who literally wrote the book on the subject, author Steve Sears.

    Money Day Monday (Ep. 203)

    It’s key to have a day set aside to check in on your financial situation. We hereby declare a Monday as “Money Day Monday” because Matt likes alliteration.

    Prioritizing Your Financial Plan (Ep. 202)

    By now as a long time LMM listener, you have a financial plan. But do you know how to prioritize it? We’ll explain how best to get your ducks in a row.

    Home Brewing with Gilad Nachmani and James Spencer from Basic Brewing Radio (Ep. 201)

    Beer hurting your bottom line? We talk to two home brewers who will teach us a new hobby.

    The 200th Episode Special! (Ep. 200)

    Two hundred episodes! To mark this special milestone we look back at five of the best episodes as voted by our listeners. Here’s to two hundred more!

    Setting Up Your Budget Categories (Ep. 199)

    How detailed do you need to be with budget categories? Do you separate lunch from dinner or lump everything into a few areas? And which method is better?

    Money and Marriage withe Derek and Carrie Olsen (Ep. 198)

    Couples fighting over money issues is one of the leading causes of divorce. Learn how to divorce proof your marriage with Derek and Carrie Olsen.

    5 Questions: Liquidity, Vacations, and Credit Card Companies (Ep. 197)

    It’s time for five questions. We answer questions about liquidity, building credit, paying yourself first, vacations and credit card rewards.

    Debt and Networking with John Corcoran from Smart Business Revolution (Ep. 196)

    John tells us how he paid off $600,000 in debt and how to network like a pro.

    Hourly vs Salary (Ep. 195)

    How is it better to be paid, hourly or salaried? Matt and Andrew give arguments for their respective opinions. See who comes out on top.

    Small Business Taxes with Jamaal Solomon (Ep. 194)

    One of the most confusing aspects of starting a small business are the taxes involved. We get some expert help from Jamaal Solomon.

    How to Stop Being a Spendaholic (Ep. 193)

    Do you love buying all the things? You might have a problem. We all love buying stuff but it can become a real problem. Let’s tackle it together.

    5 Questions Roth IRA’s, Investing 10K, and Using Acorns (Ep. 192)

    It’s time for your questions! Today we discuss Roth IRA’s, how to invest $10 grand and using Acorns to invest your spare change.

    How to Become a Skilled Negotiator with Daniel Green (Ep. 191)

    Negotiating is a vital skill. For a job, a raise, to get to watch the game instead of The Real Housewives. Dan Green will teach us what we need to know.

    Building a Tiny House with Ethan Waldman (Ep. 190)

    Afraid you’ll never get a foot on the property ladder? Why not build your own tiny house? Ethan Waldman did just that and tells us how we can too.

    Better Know a Millionaire with Nellie Akalp (Ep. 189)

    In our ongoing series, Better Know a Millionaire, we interview Nellie Akalp to discuss the legalities involved in incorporating your own business.

    Live From FinCon in New Orleans (Ep. 188)

    The best minds in personal finance gathered at a conference in New Orleans. The best and brightest literally lined up to bestow their wisdom via rich tips.

    Matt’s Financial Checkup (Ep. 187)

    Matt started LMM knowing very little about personal finance but almost 200 hundred episodes in, he’s learned a lot. We’ll see how he’s doing now.

    Matt’s Review of Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (Ep.186)

    Matt takes one for the team and reads something by the lawd’s favorite money guru, Dave Ramsey. We get his thoughts so we don’t have to read it ourselves.

    5 Questions: Paying off Mortgages, Financial Priorities, and Investing in College (Ep. 185)

    We answer your questions about mortgages, how to prioritize your finances, and investing while in college.

    Pyramid and Multi-Level Marketing Schemes with Robert Fitzpatrick (Ep. 184)

    Ever had someone try to sell you Amway, or worse, try to recruit you to sell Amway? Today we discuss pyramid schemes and how to protect yourself from them.

    10 Tips for Staying Motivated Towards Your Financial Future (Ep. 183)

    When you first get interested in managing your money the newness keeps you motivated. We’ll share ways to keep the motivation once the newness wears off.

    Breaking Bad Habits with James Clear (Ep. 182)

    Do you have bad habits? Are they costing you money? We learn how to break those bad habits and replace them with healthy habits with James Clear.

    How to Eat at Home Like a Foodie (Ep. 181)

    Cooking at home is key to save money and lose weight but what if you can’t cook? We test three services that deliver the ingredients and recipes to you.

    The Expert Paradox (Ep. 180)

    When you become an expert at something, it stops the learning process and stunts your growth. But knowledge is infinite and we should always be learning.

    Education Hacking with Scott Young (Ep. 179)

    Can you get a top notch education for free? Scott Young shows you how to DIY your own top shelf education. Also find out what autodidact means!

    Better Know a Millionaire with Jordan Harbinger from Art of Charm (Ep. 178)

    Today we get to know millionaire Jordan Harbinger of Art of Charm where ordinary guys become extraordinary gentlemen.

    5 Questions: Brokerage Accounts, Car Payments, and Credit Card Fraud (Ep. 177)

    It’s time for your questions. We’ll cover brokerage accounts, car payments, and credit card fraud. You know where to come for the answers.

    Teaching Kids about Personal Finance with Nancy Phillips from Zela Wela Kids (Ep. 176)

    Teaching kids personal finance is badly neglected in America. Zela Wela is changing that. Nancy Phillips joins us to discuss teaching kids about money.

    Selling Art on Etsy with Mary Lynn Schroeder (Ep. 175)

    Mary Lynn Schroeder is an entrepreneur with the #1 leather shop in Etsy. Learn how she turned her love of leather into a successful business.

    Finding Your Passion (Ep. 174)

    “Find your passion” has become a hackneyed cliche but there is some merit in doing so, we just have to think of a less “Oprah” way of phrasing it.

    Advice We Would Give Our Younger Selves (Ep. 173)

    Ever wish you had a TARDIS so you could go back in time to give your younger self advice? We’ll discuss what we know now that we wish we had knows then.

    Inside Acorns with Walter Cruttenden and Colton Dillion (Ep. 172)

    Acorns is an app that rounds up on your purchases and invests the change for you. Today we discuss the new app with the founder and innovation officer.

    Health Savings Account (HSA) Deep Dive with Todd Berkley and John Young (Ep. 171)

    Health insurance is so complicated. We deep dive into health savings accounts so you can get the most out of your health care dollars.

    Better Know a Millionaire with Jim Wang from Microblogger (Ep. 170)

    Jim Wang became a millionaire through his finance blog Bargaineering. He sold the site and started Microblogger. Let’s hang with an internet millionaire.

    The Happiness of Pursuit with Chris Guillebeau (Ep. 169)

    Best selling author, world traveler, entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau joins us to discuss his latest book The Happiness of Pursuit.

    Early Retirement with Mr. Money Mustache (Ep. 168)

    Do you dream of retiring early? We interview the expert in early retirement, Mr Money Mustache. We must learn his ways.

    Personal Finance and Social Taboo (Ep. 167)

    Most people are more willing to talk about sex, politics, and religion than about money. Why is personal finance such a taboo subject?

    Lending and Borrowing Money from Family and Friends (Ep.166)

    “Never a borrower nor a lender be.” We’ll discuss the pitfalls of loaning or borrowing from family and friends.

    The Case Against Active Trading (Ep. 165)

    Active trading is buying securities and holding them for a short time before selling. We put the practice on trial and make a case against it.

    I Like To Make Stuff with Bob Clagett (Ep. 164)

    Did you ever want to become a DIY guru? Bob Clagett joins us to discuss how to make and fix things and be more self sufficient.

    5 Questions: IRA Migration, Financial Gifts, Establishing Credit (Ep. 163)

    Five listener questions answered, establishing credit, monetary gifts, Betterment security, IRA migration, and the pros and cons of renting out a room.

    The Sell Everything Challenge (Ep. 162)

    Got too much stuff? Want to do a big purge before the cold weather sets in, maybe make a few bucks? Take the LMMs’ Sell Everything Challenge!

    The History of Labor Day (Ep. 161)

    It’s Labor Day and most of us are not working. We’ll tell you the reason you have the day off and the story of those who sacrificed so you could sleep in.

    Ask Me About My Pants (Ep. 160)

    Do you love clothes? Maybe you hate them, or at least spending money on them. But quality over quantity matters a lot when it comes to clothes.

    The Investor’s Version of Mint: Personal Capital (Ep. 159)

    Personal Capital is Mint for investors. It’s a free App that allows you to track all of your investments in one place. Should you add it to your tool box?

    Gratitude is the Currency of Life (Ep. 158)

    Money is the currency of living but gratitude is the currency of life. WTF does that mean? We’ll let Andrew explain it because we don’t know either.

    The Benefits of Networking (Ep. 157)

    Networking is a buzzword but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable tool. Learn how doing it right can help advance your career.

    Debt Free College Grad with Shanice Miller (Ep. 156)

    Despite the dire warnings, it is possible to graduate college free of debt. Shanice Miller will tell us how to do it.

    What the F**k is an ExPat with David McKeegan (Ep. 155)

    David McKeegan talks with us about the benefits of becoming an ExPat and dodging American tax laws by traveling the world.

    You Need a Budget (YNAB) with Jesse Mecham (Ep. 154)

    We chat with Jesse Mecham, the CEO of (YNAB) about his very smart approach to budgeting.

    Being the Best You Can Be at Your Job (Ep. 153)

    We should strive to be the best we can in all areas of life. One of the key areas to be the best is at work, the work you do for a boss or for yourself.

    Pre-Marital Finance Prep with Jeff (Ep. 152)

    Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce. Before you take the plunge, find out what you need to know so you don’t become a statistic.

    Perfect is the Enemy of Good (Ep. 151)

    Perfect is not the enemy of good when it comes to trying to improve. Dwelling too much on minutia hurts the overall result.

    5 Questions: Rental Income, Couple Credit Scores, Stock Options (Ep. 150)

    You ask and we answer! Today we’ll discuss joint finances, joint credit cards, stock options, credit card debt, and money allocation.

    Andrew’s Lending Club Strategy (Ep. 149)

    We check in with Andrew’s Lending Club strategy to find out if he’s making any money and if it might be a good investment for the rest of us.

    Timing the Stock Market (Ep. 148)

    What is the number one mistake when it comes to investing? Attempting to time the market. We’ll explain why.

    Go Fire Yourself with Laurel Staples (Ep. 147)

    Laurel Staples joins us to teach us how to forget the American dream and start living our own dreams on our own terms.

    How We Stay Motivated (Ep. 146)

    Do you sometimes get into a slump, just a malaise that you can’t really pinpoint a reason for? It happens to us all. Together we’ll stay motivated!

    21 Reasons You’re Broke (Ep. 145)

    Are you broke? Can you pinpoint why? We’re going to give you twenty one reasons for your brokeness. Listen hard and shape up!

    The Story of Andrew’s New Debt (Ep. 144)

    Andrew has $12,000 of debt! And yes, I did mean Andrew and not Matt. Has he forsaken his Listen Money Matters principles? Find out the shocking details.

    How to Tame Bill Paying (Ep. 143)

    Are you still getting and paying bills by snail mail? Grab a whip and a chair and we’ll teach you how to tame them. Also learn about duck genitals!

    Economics 101: Sunk Costs (Ep. 142)

    The start of a new series! We teach you about finance but we want to teach you some economics too so you can apply what you learn to decisions you make.

    Changing the Definition of Success (Ep. 141)

    How do you define success? For many it’s making a certain amount of money, driving a certain car, living in a big house. But that is changing .

    Learning About Life Insurance with Liran Hirschkorn (Ep. 140)

    Do YOU need a life insurance policy? Liran Hirschkorn from Best Life Quote will give us the criteria to answer that question.

    How to Save Money in College Round Table (Ep. 139)

    Student loans are expensive but they aren’t the only thing that costs money when you go to college. Learn how to save money while in school.

    wildman-steve-brill (1)
    What the F**k is Urban Foraging with Wildman Steve Brill (Ep.138)

    Living in a city doesn’t mean there aren’t tasty things to eat, you just have to know where to look. Steve Brill tells us what’s edible in the big city.

    know-the-show (1)
    Know the Show and How We Make Money (Ep. 137)

    Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Listen, Money Matters? Trust me. It’s as glamorous as you probably imagine it to be! No, it’s really not.

    Create Your Own Opportunities (Ep. 136)

    The job market is still pretty bad and wages are stagnant. It might be time to create your own opportunity. We’ll discuss ways to do just that.

    5 Questions: Investing for a Home, Checking Accounts, and Credit Cards (Ep. 135)

    We answer your questions about saving for a home, credit cards, multiple checking accounts, teacher’s pay, and college expenses.

    The Ultimate College Debate Roundtable (Ep. 134)

    With tuition costs rising, there is a new debate over whether a degree is worth the expense. We’ll discuss the pros and cons in a roundtable discussion.

    House Flipping with Justin Williams (Ep. 133)

    Think you can make money flipping houses? We talked to Justin Williams of House Flipping HQ about the art of making money remodeling houses.

    5 Index Fund and Investing Myths (Ep. 132)

    Many of the reasons people are fearful of investing are myths. Let us help you separate fact from fiction so you can feel confident investing.

    Materialism Vs Minimalism (Ep. 131)

    Are you a materialist or a minimalist? Let us help you find a happy middle ground so you can have nice things and still afford nice things.

    Gambling, Lottery and the Idiot’s Odds (Ep. 130)

    Ever heard the lottery referred to as “the fool’s tax?” Learn why the lottery is for idiots and why the odds are always in the house’s favor in a casino.

    Student Loan Refinancing with Mike Cagney (Ep. 129)

    Student loan refinancing can save you money but it’s a confusing process. Today we get some guidance from Mike Cagney, co-founder of

    Best Time To Buy Things (Ep. 128)

    Just like produce, a lot of what you buy has a season. If you know what’s “in season” you can save a lot of money. We’ll find out when to buy what.

    Five Questions: Home Renovations, Side Hustles, Stock Earnings (Ep. 127)

    It’s time for listener questions. We’ll discuss stock earnings, home renovations, side hustles, emergency funds, and money for freelancers.

    Inside Betterment with Jon Stein (Ep. 126)

    LMM delivers the big names! Betterment CEO Jon Stein gives us a behind the scenes look at how the company operates and makes your money work for you.

    What the F**k are Credit Unions? (Ep. 125)

    What is a credit union? Is it different from a bank and is it a better choice? We’ll give you the information to decide.

    Saving Tips for Moving (Ep. 124)

    Moving is third on a list of life stressors behind death of a partner and divorce. Learn how to save money during the process to help reduce the stress.

    Alternatives to College (Ep. 123)

    College is not for everyone particularly now that the cost is so high. We discuss alternative ways to be successful without a degree.

    Budgeting Allocation with PT Money (Ep. 122)

    PT Money, one of the most influential people in personal finance and founder of FinCon, shares some tricks to make budgeting easier and more effective.

    dividend-aristocrat (1)
    How to Become a Dividend Aristocrat (Ep. 121)

    What is a dividend and what is an aristocrat dividend? Adjust your monocle and we’ll find out.

    Advanced IRA Strategies with the Mad Fientist (Ep. 120)

    Our guest the Mad Fientist delves deep into IRA strategies. Find out why you should have one and which one will best fit your needs.

    A Non-Political Discussion on Social Security (Ep. 119)

    Social security is a decisive topic but we’ll give you the facts while leaving the politics aside so you can draw your own conclusions.

    Our Twelve Financial Philosophies (Ep. 118)

    We’re breaking down Listen Money Matter’s Twelve Financial Philosophies. Think and meditate on them and then live by them.

    Reasons You Need a Kick Ass Credit Score (Ep. 117)

    In the personal finance world there is a lot of talk about credit scores. But what makes up a credit score and why is it important to have a good one?

    Quality vs Cost (Ep. 116)

    As demonstrated in Vimes’ theory of boots, sometimes it saves money long term to spend more up front. What items are worth the splurge and which are not?

    How to Be a Shopping Sniper (Ep. 115)

    A shopping sniper knows what they want, gets it, and gets out. We’ll teach you a few tricks to become the shopping sniper with the most confirmed kills.

    The Ideal Financially Responsible Person (Ep. 114)

    What does the ideal financially responsible person look like? Is it you? We’ll discuss achieving financial perfection. See how you stack up.

    Five Questions: Gold, Stock Options, Coupons (Ep. 113)

    We’re answering listener questions about gold, stock options, coupons, investing, and how to avoid student loan debt.

    Profitable Personal Productivity Tips (Ep. 112)

    We all have the same 24 hours to work with. But there are lots of ways to get more out of those hours. We’ll give you some tips to make the job easier.

    Breaking Down the Dave Ramsey Investment Strategy (Ep. 111)

    We break down Dave Ramsey’s controversial investment advice. Can we all retire millionaires as he promises? Today we find out.

    Our Favorite Financial Resources (Ep. 110)

    We hope LMM is your go-to place for all things personal finance but there are other resources available. We share some of our favorites.

    What the F**k is Vanguard? (Ep. 109)

    Vanguard is one investment management company among many. Find out why so many people in the personal finance world are enamored of them.

    Side Hustle Income with Nick Loper (Ep. 108)

    Want to earn some extra cash to pay off debts or go on vacation? Nick Loper shows us ways to use a side hustle to bring in some money outside of your 9-5.

    My Personal Investment Strategy (Ep. 107)

    The finer points of personal investing including emergency funds, checking and savings accounts, and investing beyond Betterment.

    Five Questions: Lending Club, Dave Ramsey, Credit Cards (Ep. 106)

    You ask and we answer. Five listener questions on everything from Dave Ramsey to credit cards to how to stay disciplined with spending.

    Creating a Killer Job Resume with Mark Fiebert (Ep. 105)

    Your resume can make all the difference is a tough job market. We’ll find out what you need to build a killer resume so you land that job.

    Spend to Live with Jason Vitug from Phroogal (Ep. 104)

    Jason Vitug,founder of Phroogal shares his journey from corporate American to world traveler and founder of a blog loaded with personal finance tools.

    Wildcat Currencies with Edward Castronova (Ep. 103)

    Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin. Today we talk to an Professor Edward Coastronova, an expert on wildcat currencies.

    How to Budget for Special Occasions (Ep. 102)

    Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday or an anniversary, we all have special days to celebrate. Find out how to do it up without spending too much.

    Frugal Eating and Cooking (Ep. 101)

    Cooking at home can save money, improve your health and your life. Today we talk about cooking and eating frugally.

    The 100th Episode Special (Ep. 100)

    Listen, Money Matters celebrates our milestone 100th episode by reminiscing over listener voted best episodes. Enjoy these classics!

    What the F**k is Dollar Cost Averaging? (Ep. 99)

    Dollar cost averaging takes the fear out of investing. Today we’ll explain what it is and how it benefits you whether you have $5 to start with or $1000.

    Save Money Around the House
    Saving Money Around the House (Ep. 98)

    Little tips can save you big at home. Get some money savings tips and find out if anything you’re doing now would cause Matt to punch you in the face.

    Managing Your Money Paperwork (Ep. 97)

    Despite being promised a “paperless society” we’re still drowning in reams of paperwork. Find out what you need to keep and what you can toss.

    Selling Your Stuff for Cash with Yard Sales, Craigslist and eBay (Ep. 96)

    Most of us have homes full of stuff we never use. We’ll show you how to reduce that debt and your clutter by selling your stuff.

    Debt Reduction: Snowballing versus Stacking (Ep. 95)

    While “emotional payoff” might make you feel warm and fuzzy, it will cost you more time and money than the much superior stacking method of debt reduction.

    Better Know A Millionaire with Brenton Hayden (Ep. 94)

    We interview Brenton Hayden to learn how he retired at 27, how he manages his money now, and what he does now that he’s not in an office everyday.

    Boozing on a Budget (Ep. 93)

    If there are two things we love: saving money and having a few drinks. Let us teach you how to best combine these two loves into a great night out.

    Travel Hacking Tips with Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts (Ep. 92)

    Travis Sherry teaches us how to travel without spending a lot by going to cheaper destinations, scoring the best flight prices, and alternatives to hotels.

    Buying or Leasing a Car (Ep. 91)

    Matt and Andrew bicker like two five year olds fighting over a toy about what is the better choice, buying a car or leasing one.

    Why I Didn’t Go To College (Ep. 90)

    Matt explains why he didn’t go to college and we discuss the pros and cons of that decision.

    Inflation, Deflation and Why It Matters (Ep. 89)

    What is inflation, what is deflation and what benefits is there to knowing? We’ll explain the basics and what you need to know to make sure your money keeps pace.

    Why We Think Failure is a Good Thing (Ep. 88)

    We all fail and we’re all afraid to fail. Today we’ll discuss why failure is not always the end of the road and may even be the beginning of a new path.

    Dressing Nice for the Price with Barron Cuadro from Effortless Gent (Ep. 87)

    Barron Cuadro (best name ever) from The Effortless Gent teaches us how to dress well and look great without spending a fortune.

    Controlling Spending for the Out of Control Person (Ep. 86)

    How do you stop yourself from burning through your money? We discuss a few mind hacks to curb your monetary urges.

    Escaping $109,000 of Credit Card Debt with Travis Pizel (Ep. 85)

    Travis Pizel tells us how he and his wife accumulated $109,000 of credit card debt and how they paid off the debt and strengthened their relationship.

    5 Questions: Betterment, Passive Income, and Optimal Credit (Ep. 84)

    We’re answering listener’s questions about investing with Betterment, unpaid internships, 401K’s, passive income, and credit scores.

    Father’s Day Money Special (Ep. 83)

    Matt and Andrew interview their dads to find out what mistakes and victories they had with money and what lessons they have for their sons and us listeners.

    This Financial Life with Connor (Ep. 82)

    Listener Connor lays bare his finances for Matt and Andrew to scrutinize, critique and improve.

    5 Reasons Your Financial Plan Sucks with Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins (Ep. 81)

    What are the five mistakes you’re making in your financial planning? Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins is here to let us know.

    Just the Tips (Ep. 80)

    Tipping. Who, when, how much and how do you calculate it? Today we help you make sure your wait staff is not spitting in your food.

    To Roth or Not to Roth Redux with Darin Hayes (Ep. 79)

    We’re talking Roth and traditional IRA’s today with Darin Hayes, author of Beer Money.

    401k Deep Dive with Chris Costello from Blooom (Ep. 78)

    Why is a 410k important and how can you manage it better? Chris Costello from takes us to the next level to maximize our 401K accounts.

    5 Questions: Emergency Funds, Debt vs Invest, and Frugality? (Ep. 77)

    We’re answering listener questions including: should I move money from my savings account to Betterment and should I get a credit card with 0% APR?

    Understanding the Value of Time (Ep. 76)

    Do you know how much your time is really worth? Today we discuss when to trade money for time and vice versa.

    Handling Money in a Relationship (Ep. 75)

    Relationships are hard enough as it is without talking about finances. So we’re gonna lay it down about how to handle money in a relationship.

    This Financial Life with Daniel Murrell (Ep. 74)

    Listener Daniel Murrell to analyze his financial situation. He shares a great strategy for making college affordable.

    Lessons I Learned From Being Broke (Ep. 73)

    Matt shares eighteen things he learned while being broke.

    Pros and Cons of Being A Landlord with J. Money (Ep. 72)

    J. Money of discusses the pros and cons of being a landlord. Should you become a real estate mogul?

    How Much Money Can You Really Live On? (Ep. 71)

    Andrew and Matt each break down (to the penny) how much they can really live on without any financial frills.

    Student Loan Help with Heather Jarvis (Ep. 70)

    Heather Jarvis is a student loan expert helping those in need with her website full of educational resources and training for student loan help.

    How to Find an Awesome Job (Ep. 69)

    We share stories about how we found awesome jobs in the past and new ways you can go about getting the job of your dreams on this episode.

    Researching Stocks with Patrick Kenneally (Ep. 68)

    Listener Patrick Kenneally discusses what you need to know when researching stocks.

    Traveling Abroad with Andy Steves (Ep. 67)

    Travel expert Andy Steves teaches us how to travel abroad affordably while having an authentic experience.

    Money Habits with Tony Stubblebine from Lift (Ep. 66)

    Tony Stubblebine, CEO of discusses how his habit building app can help us build good habits be they financial or another realm of our lives.

    13 Common Money Mistakes You Can Avoid (Ep. 65)

    Forbes Magazine published a list of common money mistakes many of us make. Which ones are you making?

    The Importance of Emergency Funds with Miranda Marquit (Ep. 64)

    Personal finance writer Miranda Marquit will explain what an emergency fund is and why it’s vital to have one.

    Memorial Day Special with Johnny (Ep. 63)

    In honor of Memorial Day, we interview our listener Johnny who is a member of the Air Force, working in the finance office.

    This Financial Life With Matt’s Brother (Ep. 62)

    Meet Dan, Matt’s financially savvy brother to discuss what he’s doing right, wrong, and what he could do better. Are money smarts genetic?

    The Financial Importance of Your Hobbies (Ep. 61)

    Why not turn doing what you love into a way to make a bit of money on the side? We share ideas on how to make money with your hobbies.

    This Financial Life with Robbie (Ep. 60)

    Listen, Money Matters assesses our listener Robbie Farlow’s financial life.

    Better Know a Millionaire with J. David Stein (Ep. 59)

    J David Stein visits for our ongoing Better Know A Millionaire series.

    Money Mindfulness with Thomas Frank (Ep. 58)

    Thomas Frank from College Geek Info joins us to discuss mindfulness and how it relates to our life goals whether they are financial or adventure related.

    How Not to Over Think Your Finances (Ep. 57)

    No one should spend too much time thinking about or managing their finances. Learn some tricks to make it easier.

    Better Know a Millionaire with Michael Epstein (Ep. 56)

    Michael Epstein became a millionaire by the age of thirty. Michael will tell us how he did it and how you can too.

    Where to Put Your Money First (Ep. 55)

    Which of your financial obligations should you meet first, loans, investing, credit cards? Learn where to best allocate your money.

    Don’t Give Up Your Starbucks Habit (Ep. 54)

    How can you find the extra money for the things you can’t live without? We’ll show you places to find a little something extra.

    The Wealth Wheel (Ep. 53)

    Introducing the LMM’s Wealth Wheel. We also debate the age old question, what matters more, size or the motion of the ocean?

    How to Get a Raise at Work (Ep. 52)

    You deserve a raise. Find out the best strategy to ask for one and actually get it.

    From Debt to Vet with J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly (Ep. 51)

    J.D. Roth is a titan in the world personal finance blogging . He shares his personal journey from massive consumer debt to personal finance genius.

    Financial Lessons Learned From The Game of Monopoly (Ep. 50)

    Personal finance isn’t a game but there are lessons to be learned from the game of Monopoly.

    Better Know a Millionaire with Laurie Itkin (Ep. 49)

    Learn lessons from millionaire Laurie Itkin in our “Better Know a Millionaire” show. Laurie explains how she became a millionaire before the age of 40.

    Mother’s Day Money Special (Ep. 48)

    It’s Mother’s Day. Matt and Andrew interview their mom’s to find out what financial lessons they’ve learned.

    Do You Need a Financial Advisor? (Ep. 47)

    Investing can be confusing. But is it so complicated that you need to pay someone to do it for you?

    Lessons Learned From Owning 7 Cars (Ep. 46)

    Matt has owned seven cars over the years. Find out what lessons he learned the hard way.

    Save Money Without Cramping Your Life with Joel Larsgaard (Ep. 45)

    Joel Larsgaard from Save Outside the Box shows us easy ways to save money without giving up the things you love.

    Common Traits of Financially Successful People (Ep. 44)

    Get Rich Slowly recently posted an article titled, “The Ten Habits of Financially Successful People.” See how many you share.

    Smart Ways To Spend Your Tax Return (Ep. 43)

    Everyone should have received or should soon receive your tax return. Today we discuss the best way to make that money work for you.

    Mastering Debt Reduction with Claire Murdough (Ep. 42)

    Many of us have debt. Claire Murdough from, tells us how the free service will help you debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    The Importance of Taking a Vacation (Ep. 41)

    Americans don’t get much vacation. Learn why it’s important to take what you do get. It will make you a better person and a better employee.

    High Frequency Trading
    What The F**k is High Frequency Trading? (Ep. 40)

    What is high frequency trading? Is it something you need to worry about? Don’t let the unknown keep you out of the market.

    Money To Invest
    Finding Extra Money to Invest With (Ep. 39)

    We discuss pain-free ways to find extra money to invest. Whether it’s into a Betterment account, a Roth IRA, or a brokerage account.

    Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Maker with Jim Wang from Micro Blogger (Ep. 38)

    Jim Wang, founder of, discusses how you can turn your hobby into cash.

    Changing the Definition of Retirement (Ep. 37)

    We believe retirement isn’t just for 65 year olds. You have the power to choose your own retirement date, or take mini-retirements.

    Kristin Wong
    The Psychology of Money with Kristin Wong (Ep. 36)

    On this episode we welcome blogger Kristin Wong to discuss the psychology of money. She grew up in a frugal home, but didn’t have any guidance in investing.

    The Wisdom and Pitfalls of Zero Percent APR Financing (Ep. 35)

    On this episode, we talk about how zero percent APR financing, when not utilized intelligently, could come back to bite you in the ass.

    Money For The Love of Freedom (Ep. 34)

    On this episode, we discuss why you should stop thinking about money because it will make you rich and start thinking about how it will give you freedom.

    Is Frugality More Trouble Than It’s Worth? (Ep. 33)

    On this episode, we discuss frugality and why sometimes it can be more trouble than it’s worth.

    Broke, Busted and Disgusted
    An Interview with Adam Carroll of Broke, Busted and Disgusted (Ep. 32)

    On this episode, we talk to Adam Carroll who created the documentary about the current student loan debt crisis called Broke, Busted and Disgusted.

    There's Always Money In The Banana Stand
    How Stocks, Bonds, and Funds Work (Ep. 31)

    On this episode, Andrew and I discuss how stocks, bonds and funds work, using original illustrations from Arrested Development.

    The Average Investor’s Commandments (Ep. 30)

    On this episode Andrew and I discuss The Average Investor’s Commandments in full detail, and how to use these guidelines to start investing today.

    How to Find The Perfect Credit Card (Ep. 29)

    On this episode we talk about finding yourself the perfect credit card. We include 8 solid tips to help you start looking and applying for the perfect card.

    streamline refinancing
    Streamline Refinancing My Home Mortgage (Ep. 28)

    On this episode we talk about Streamline Refinancing. Specifically, how Matt saved $130 a month without increasing the term of his mortgage.

    An Interview with Cat Alford of Budget Blonde (Ep. 27)

    On this episode, we talk to Cat Alford of She’s a personal finance blogger, writer, and a proud mother of twins.

    How to Master Your Wealth, Gangsta Style! (Ep. 26)

    We have two major announcements, including our new personal finance rap video and our book: “Mastering Mint.”

    An Interview with Mark Deal of Foreign Investor Resource Group (Ep. 25)

    On this episode, we chat with Mark Deal who co-founded the Foreign Resource Group that connects overseas investors to the United States.

    Money Management and Productivity Tools We Use (Ep. 24)

    On this episode, we discuss our favorite money management and productivity tools, including: Mint, Betterment, Lift, Evernote, and more.

    An Interview with Omar Zenhom of The $100 MBA (Ep. 23)

    We chat with Omar Zenhom, co-creator of $, about how he got started and was able to quit his job to start his business.

    What The F**k is Bitcoin?! (Ep. 22)

    On this episode, we discuss the mystery of Bitcoin. What is it? How does it work? And should you invest in it?

    Paying Off Student Loans with Rebecca from Stapler Confessions (Ep. 21)

    On this episode, we talk to Rebecca about how she’s currently paying off her student loans and share tips and strategies on how you can do it too.

    Getting Over The Fear of Investing (Ep. 20)

    If you have a fear of investing in the stock market, because you’re afraid you might lose it all, listen to this episode to put your mind at ease.

    Financial Mistakes & Blunders with Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents (Ep. 19)

    In this episode, we talk to Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents about the financial mistakes he’s made over the years, and even offer up our own stories.

    Caleb Wojcik
    Managing Small Business Finances with Caleb Wojcik (Ep. 18)

    In this episode, we talk to Caleb Wojcik (co-founder of about managing small business finances, and what the best tools are for doing so.

    Increase Your Credit Score
    Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score (Ep. 17)

    In this episode, we provide some helpful tips on how to improve your credit score quickly, no matter where your credit stands.

    Rich People
    The Habits of Rich People (Ep. 16)

    In this episode, Andrew and I discuss the 20 habits of rich people according to Dave Ramsey.

    Peer to Peer Lending
    Peer to Peer Lending Introduction (Ep. 15)

    In this episode, Andrew educates me on the beauty and wealth building powerhouse that is peer to peer lending with

    New Year's Resolutions 2014
    Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 (Ep. 14)

    In this episode, Andrew and I discuss our 2014 New Year’s Resolutions which include our finances and our bodies — as is tradition.

    This Financial Life with Hersh
    This Financial Life: Hersh (Ep. 13)

    In this episode, we talk to one of our listeners, Hersh, about his personal financial profile and offer up some advice.

    The Four Percent Rule (Ep. 12)

    In this episode, Andrew educates me on the 4% rule, which is the magic number that you can safely withdrawal from your investments every year and still grow your money.

    How to Pick Stocks (Ep. 11)

    In this episode we talk about how to pick stocks. We talk about the research that can be done, and what red and green flags to look for when picking stocks.

    How to Justify Large Purchases (Ep. 10)

    In this episode, we answer a listener question via Facebook about how to justify large purchases, like a TV or laptop.

    How to Avoid Bank Fees (Ep. 9)

    In this episode, we share stories about outrageous bank fees and how to avoid them at all costs. Subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

    The Beginner’s Guide to Simple Investing (Ep. 8)

    In this episode, we help those who want to start simple investing but have no idea where to start.

    To Roth or Not to Roth? (Ep. 7)

    In this episode we answer another listener question about whether he should invest in a Traditional 401k, a Roth 401k, or both.

    The Underwater Mortgage Escape Plan (Ep. 6)

    In this episode, we address a listener’s question about getting out from an underwater mortgage. We offer advice on saving money and moving on.

    Do You Have a Monthly Budget? (Ep. 5)

    In this episode we talk about budgets. What the hell is a budget anyway? Should you keep one monthly? We discuss all the benefits why you should have one.

    Renting vs Owning a Home (Ep. 4)

    In this episode we talk about the pros and cons of renting vs owning a home. Which option is best for your situation? We tackle all that stuff!

    Cash vs. Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards (Ep. 3)

    What should you use for everyday spending? In this episode, we analyze each one, and weigh out the pros and cons. By the end of the episode, you’ll have an answer.

    How to Save Money and Automate It (Ep. 2)

    On this episode we talk about one of the most popular topics in personal finance: How to save money!

    Introducing The Listen Money Matters Podcast (Ep. 1)

    We started a podcast! In this episode, we introduce ourselves and the rolls we’ll play in this weekly show.