Recovering From An Epic Failure
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Ever failed hard?  Not stumbled, but lost everything level of failure.  How can you begin to recover when you are at rock bottom?

Most of us probably won’t hit homeless on the street levels of rock bottom but some of us will have to start over. A new city, a new job, an entirely new career.  Where do you begin when you’re back at square one?

Thomas would start out by cleaning up, finding a place to shower in order to make himself presentable.  Once he had that first $5, he would start to build from there.

Andrew would start a can collecting pyramid scheme empire. Creating jobs and saving the planet one can at a time.  I guess I would be one of the girls working at Andrew’s car wash.

I'll do something that doesn't involve going into your creepy basement.

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You can Mechanical Turk which will earn small amounts of money.  Sell plasma to get some start up cash. Or use the 21st Century equivalent of standing in the street with a sign and set up a Kick Starter.  If you want to see the phrase “no shame” defined, spend a few minutes on there looking at shit people think other people should donate cash for them to do or buy.

This is obviously a hypothetical discussion but the point is, you start with small, fast steps and build from there.  If you can get that first $5 to shower at the YMCA, you can make yourself presentable enough to get a menial job to generate more cash. Then you can build your “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps” Horatio Alger blog, get a fat book contract, hit the talk show circuit and retire rich.  It’s the American Dream. Everybody loves a good come back story.

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Old Dominion Brewing Company Dominion Lager:  A crisp, light lager.

Tallgrass Brewing Company Buffalo Sweat Vanilla Bean:  A creamy oatmeal stout.

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