Now's your chance.

Make meaningful improvements to your finances every week.

Now's your chance.

Make meaningful improvements to your finances every week.

How to become a minimalist

How to Become a Minimalist with Joel Zaslofsky

Minimalism can be defined many ways.  We’ll talk to Joel Zaslofsky about how to become a minimalist. He has embraced the lifestyle to learn why and how it has improved his life.

What is a minimalist? Joel defines it as embracing what is important to you and stripping away the excess. He began down the path of minimalism five years ago when he and his wife were expecting their first child.  Prior to that, he was following the prescribed American path, college, wife, house, dog, kid.

Having a child was the kick in the ass he needed. Joel wanted to be a good father and knew some of the extraneous things in his life needed to go in order to do that.  It’s not just stuff that needs to go. Toxic relationships need to be jettisoned too. Or just those that have become perfunctory.

Joel started hard core and video games were the first thing to go. I’m not sure if I recommend this.  I’ve seen you pasty video game players walk into the sunlight and it’s scary for you and us too.  Tread carefully.

Sugar was second and I do endorse this.  Life improves 100% after this change based on the highly scientific study I just conducted. If you like that stat, look into Paleo which Matt and I both hardily endorse. Simplifies things to an incredible degree.  He also recommends meditation and yoga.  I’ve failed on both those fronts, I’m too wriggly.

If you embrace minimalism even in just a few areas of your life, you will see an improvement in your finances. Less stuff equals more money.

Joel’s advice is to not focus on what you’re giving up but what you will gain.  Time, money, peace.  All of which are more important and more fulfilling than stuff.

 Show Notes

Ommegang BPA:  A Belgian style pale ale.

Flying Fish Hop Fish:  A hoppy red ale.

All My Money:  The LMM rap video.

Value of Simple:  Liberate your time, money and talent.

Smart and Simple Matters Podcast:  Find freedom from stuff and live intentionally.

SimpleRev: Workshops on simple living.

Becoming Minimalist:  Celebrating simplicity.

Betterment:  Stash the money you’re saving here.

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  • Lindsey

    This guy. Is the worst. I’m all about living a lifestyle of contentment and living below my means, but this guy is so unfoundedly sanctimonious it filled me with throat-punching rage. He decided to live a “minimalist” lifestyle after he found out his wife was pregnant- much to her chagrin he said. So he basically left her holding the bag. She’s the sole income provider, the mother of two children and the wife of a shiftless lay-about of a husband who judges her for eating bread (that part I’m assuming- he said he was paleo). He publicly condescends her for being “high maintenance”- by which one can only assume he means her needs for food, clothing and shelter. None of which is he helping her to provide for the family. Instead he’s opted out to pursue his dream of doing yoga all day and blogging to the rest of the tax-paying, functional members of society about all the ways we’re doing it wrong. This guy is no more a lifestyle guru than a hookworm. I thought this was going to be more like the Mr. Money Mustache interview where he gives tips about becoming less dependent on cars and lowering the utility bills. This guy just said “break up with your friends the douchiest way you can think of, by sitting them down and explaining how much better you are than them and telling them they’re far too simple for the new, deeper you” and make sure you have someone on hand to pay your bills. Gross. I turned the interview off after 21 minutes.

  • Billiam

    Excellent episode.
    Topics like this bring important balance to personal finance as a whole.