Pay For College Without Loans


College tuition isn’t getting any more affordable. Many people take on a mountain of debt but there are ways to pay for college without loans.

Paying Off Student Loans With Sofi

paying off student loans

There is $1.2 trillion of outstanding student loan debt in the US. Interest rates vary widely for student loans, but if you have a loan with an interest rate of 6-8%, that is too damn high! Are you one of the 40 million Americans struggling with student loan debt? Start paying off student loan debt, faster.

How to Pay Off Student Loans Before Graduation

how to pay iff student loabns

It’s difficult but not impossible to pay off your student loan debt before graduation. And there are three good reasons for you to do so.

How To Pay Off Your Student Loans Fast

how to pay off student loans fast

Every month you make that dreaded loan payment, a sudden reminder of the fun you had during college. It’s the price that millions of graduates are paying to pursue that prized slip of paper. Spending 15+ years paying off these debts is frustrating. It’s time to learn how to pay off student loans fast.

Negotiating, Side Hustling and Student Loan Debt with Stephanie Halligan

Negotiating, Side Hustling and Student Loan Debt with Stephanie Halligan

Fellow Best New Blog winner Stephanie Halligan talks to us about student loan debt, negotiating and Matt’s favorite, the side hustle.

Paying for College While Attending


College costs have sky rocketed over the last several years. So unless you want to graduate with crippling debt, you’ll need a college job.

Student Loan Help with Heather Jarvis


We get lots of questions about student loans so we decided to bring on an expert to help. Heather Jarvis joins us to answer of your pressing questions.

How to Save Money in College Round Table


Student loans are expensive but they aren’t the only thing that costs money when you go to college. Learn how to save money while in school.

Debt Free College Grad with Shanice Miller

Debt Free College Grad with Shanice Miller

Despite the dire warnings, it is possible to graduate college free of debt. Shanice Miller will tell us how to do it.

Education Hacking with Scott Young


Can you get a top notch education for free? Scott Young shows you how to DIY your own top shelf education. Also find out what autodidact means!

Inside CommonBond with David Klein

Inside CommonBond with David Klein

You know we at LMM want to help you any way we can to reduce your student loan debt. David Klein joins us to discuss refinancing to save you money.

529 College Savings Plan Tips and Tricks

529 college savings plan tips

The price of a college education isn’t getting any cheaper. If you have or plan to have children, a 529 college savings plan is a great investment.

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