102: Sticking to a Budget

This is part of the Budget like a Badass course.

Budget like a Badass

Although creating a budget is a daunting task, sticking to a budget month after month could be even harder. It will take work and discipline but once you get the hang of tracking all of your spending, budgeting will become second nature to you.

You have to create a realistic budget with an end goal in mind. We know you will be tempted and sometimes and may get off track but you can’t let that steer you away from your goals. We’ll give you all the tips and motivation you will need to stick with it and keep you on the right track towards success.

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Lesson 1: Learning How to Conquer Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep can show itself in many forms and start, then spiral out of control. Recognizing it is the first step to conquering it.

Lesson 2: What the Ideal Fiscally Responsible Person Looks Like

What does the ideal financially responsible person look like? Is it you? We'll discuss achieving financial perfection. See how you stack up.

Lesson 3: Controlling Spending for the Out of Control Person

Spending money is a hobby for some. But out of control spending has dire consequences. If you want to know how to stop spending money, we'll show you how.

Lesson 4: Making a Purchase: Justify Your Big-Ticket Items with This Strategy

There are things we need, and there are things we want. But there's also a whole lot in between. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that something we only want is something we need.

Lesson 5: Your Materialistic Lifestyle is Killing You

Do you hate your job and your life? Do you have a house full of stuff? Your materialistic lifestyle is killing you.

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