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Networking Basics for Dummies: Why You Need To Be Doing It

Table of Contents
  1. Show Notes
Table of Contents  
  1. Show Notes

Networking is a buzzword but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable tool.  Learn how doing it right can help advance your career.

Whether it happens in your office, at a bar, or at a conference, networking can help you make connections that can get you a promotion, get you a raise, or even hook you up with a new career.  You just have to know how to spot an opportunity.

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Networking can give you a chance to discuss things outside what you already know you have in common.  A conference is an especially good venue.  Being in a room full of like minded people gives you an automatic “in.” Of course you’ll talk shop but the deeper connections are made when you realize you both like the same sports team or you both love bourbon.

It's important to realize you don't know it all.

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It doesn’t have to happen at a conference.  Just have the nerve, or liquid courage, to start a conversation.  It’s just a matter of constantly putting yourself out there because you never know what might come of it.  Any gains might not be immediate but the day may come that the connection you made pays off.  If you approach a situation as just an opportunity to have fun, you won’t come off as desperate or seeking and the interaction will be much more organic.

Maybe have a few “networking pick up lines” in your back pocket.  It didn’t really work for Andrew so help him out and give him a few ideas in the comments.  It’s been more than a week since the podcasters conference and his go to line, “boy are you tall!” is not really paying dividends.

If you need anymore convincing, consider this, LMM was born of networking.  It makes things happen people!

Show Notes

Meet Up:  Find people in your area who share your interests.

Space Walker American Belgo:  A bold beer with spicy, fruity flavors.

Show Your Work:  How to get known.



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