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The Happiness of Pursuit with Chris Guillebeau

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Best selling author, world traveler, entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau joins us to discuss his latest book The Happiness of Pursuit.

Chris became an entrepreneur when he realized he was a terrible employee and never wanted to work for someone else.  He started his blog, The Art of Non-Conformity in 2008 and it grew into an empire.  He now travels the world speaking and teaching people how to start living their own unconventional lives.

Chris attended community college before transferring to a four year school.  He graduated with no debt by financing his education through selling items on e-Bay.  Once he ran out of things to sell, he tried other small businesses, creating several small things rather than one large thing. It gave him enough money to avoid debt and do what he wanted to do and allowed him to sample a variety of things, seeing what worked and what didn’t along the way.

Chris wrote an e-book on discount airfare in less than a week and it started selling.  This led to more books about travel and self employment.  The e-books led to his first published book, The $100 Startup which became a New York Times best seller.

Chris now holds the annual World Domination Summit, a gathering of devotees to his living an unconventional lifestyle philosophy.  There are lectures, workshops, and vast opportunities for networking.

Chris is about to embark on the tour for his latest which will be published September 9th.  You can find out if he is visiting your city here.  Go say hi and tell him LMM sent you!

Show Notes

Chris Guillebeau:  Chris’s website on the art of non-conformity.

The Happiness of Pursuit:  Chris’s newest book documenting his travels to every country in the world and the art of the quest.

Betterment:  Start investing today for your best tomorrow.


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