Finding Your Productivity Sweet Spot

Taking a Break
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It’s important to get the most out of your day. But you can take the quest for productivity too far resulting in burn out. Find the productivity sweet spot.

During Andrew’s recent burnout, he realized he was taking the need for productivity too far. Sometimes you just need a night vegging out in front of a video game.

We’re all motivated by different things, the key is to find out what motivates you so your productivity isn’t scattered and ineffectual. External forces, internal? Are you a morning person or a night owl? Knowing what moves you is important to get moving.

After lunch I might as well take a siesta.

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If you have a month to do a project does it take you a month or three days? If it takes you a month, is the whole thing done the last day of that month? Do you like a stark space or one full of clutter and color?

Are you a list maker? Especially for your long term list, go through it once in awhile and make sure you still need to do all the things you wrote down. Crossing things off is satisfying but things change and still doing something just because it’s on the list is anti-productive.

Make sure you focus your productivity. Every minute doesn’t have to be accounted for, that’s how your get burn out.

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