Dan Green: Life is a Negotiation

Dan Green is an expert negotiator. He joined us on an early podcast. Whether you want to land that deal or get that raise, Dan will teach you how to do it.

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Dan’s favorite tool is something he calls the Four P’s; purpose, product, people, and process. If you have those four things clear in your head before you start a call or a meeting, you’ll be in a more powerful position.

There are three books Dan recommends to help you become a master negotiator:

Getting to Yes: Brings a new perspective to negotiating by taking the adversarial stance out of the equation.

Getting Past No: This book will teach you the tactics you need to negotiate.

Difficult Conversations: What to do when conversations are going poorly.

Two more books Dan recommends  are The Magic of Thinking Big which talks about helpful ways to approach your career and life in general and Money Master the Game. In Money, Tony Robins interviews twenty of the world’s leading investors and distils their advice for us.

Warren Buffett comes up a lot at LMM and he said Dan’s favorite quote, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Bonus: Dan’s favorite documentary is His Way.

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