Lessons From Self-Made Millionaires

Many people believe that you can only be rich if you were born into the right family, went to a fancy college or just got lucky. And that could be true for some but self-made millionaires work hard in the pursuit of wealth and financial freedom.

The world is full of inspiring self-made millionaire stories none of which become millionaires overnight. It’s important to understand the steps to becoming wealthy the first step being your mindset. We talked to some millionaires on the show to find out exactly how they made their millions.

Lessons From Self-Made Millionaires

What You Will Learn

  • Tips from self-made millionaires
  • Starting your own success story
  • How millionaires manage their money
  • Creating a rich mindset
  • What separates us from them

Your Money Mixtape

Even though the most difficult part of becoming a millionaire is getting started, that dream of becoming financially successful is not out of reach.

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